What To Wear For A Crisis

A loyal reader alerted me to a lesbian Episcopal blogger who writes about attending General Conference and struggling mightily with the issues around radical welcome.

Sister, PeaceBang is 100% with you in spirit. God grant you strength and heart.

This blogger describes coming back from plenary sessions and getting dressed in a pair of gym shorts, a Red Sox shirt, a Red Sox cap and a pair of PINK FLAMINGO flip-flops to go down and have a meal at the hotel bar.

Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy. Lord have mercy.
I am still 100% with you in Spirit, sister, but not in style. It’s time for an intervention.

Let us pray:

Dear Lord,
The work You call us to is hard indeed, and takes us down many a painful path. When our hearts are laden with sorrow and our spirits cannot find You, let us remember that we are nevertheless agents of your love. Give us the strength to remember this wherever we go, even so humble a place as a hotel bar. And Lord, give us the strength to look the part– emissaries of grace, believers in beauty, people of dignity, representatives of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

What To Wear For a Crisis:

Perhaps a pair of nice, gently flared dark denim jeans or a comfortable skirt, some fashionable boots if you need to kick butt (or want to give the impression that you could if you needed to), a tailored, white blouse, and a BIG cross. Cheery lipstick, and no mascara. Don’t forget the white hankie in your pocket, and a packet of Kleenex in your purse.

Let us join in a responsive reading:

The only place that a clergyperson should ever wear sports regalia is while attending a game of that team.
All: We are believers in beauty.

The only place a clergyperson should ever wear pink flamingo flip-flops, if ever, is by the pool.
All: We are emissaries of grace.

The only place a clergyperson should ever wear gym shorts is at the gym.
All: We are dignified people.

This is the word of Truth. Thanks be to God.

Blogging Sister Friend, go in peace and sin no more.

16 Replies to “What To Wear For A Crisis”

  1. You always make me smile (well, actually this post made me laugh out loud.. really loud)

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    mighty mighty peace

  3. But Oonie, what is it, exactly? And what’s a compounding pharmacist?
    We here at PeaceBang are always eager to follow up on miraculous products!

  4. PB, a compounding pharmacist makes up drugs from raw materials, so is a rare skill today. I’ve only seen the craft used in conjunction with flavoring or changing the texture of oral drugs for people who cannot take them as-is.

    I’d go to the oldest pharmacy in town — CVS, not so much.

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  6. Wow, Oonie! Sounds like compounders are magical healing witches! Only with scientific knowledge! I love them already, except I’m a little scared of all those suppositories. Still, who wouldn’t rather put one of those up their bum than have surgery!

    I’ll be asking you for those numbers again in about 20 years, as I age and get hemmorhoids.

    I never knew that’s what “doula” means. Is that the same word for the doulas who take care of new babies?

  7. Yes, darlin, they ARE like magical healing witches! Go find one & establish a relationship. They can fix anything (except your old car & who knows with biodiesel bein so popular & all, they might do that, too!! This Peter Ford guy from Canada is also brilliant and too cute! He looked at my tongue, skin, eyes, and said, “your second toe is longer than your other toes (I was shoed and socked!), you rarely remember your dreams and only recently have you been dreaming in colour; you think your thyroid is low but actually it’s your adrenals that are shot! And he went on & on like a psychic as I sat there gaping & gawking & gurling & nodding. He sat right down & wrote out a list of stuff for me to take & only one thing required a Rx! They are also really big into nutrition & natural stuff. Yes, I DO believe doula comes from that Greek word I cannot spell. We spent a summer at the GTU with Prof Dr Robert Smith (PLTS) TRYING to learn Greek. EEK! We were in the most remedial, most tutored class & studied six to 8 hours a day. And you are right, one cannot possibly do anything without a cat or two helping. Did you know we have a male calico, an XXY cat, a little bisexual kitty who was an Oakland street only kitten who adopted me at 4 weeks of age & left his mom? He has his faghag girlie girl companion, Miss Paid (kinda like pawd, a play on words about the Irish woman name for Patrick,meaning noble–I’m not a big Patrick fan; I’m a Brigid goddess girl myself but this kitty is the most fearless & noble gato/mee see in Kuna and min see in Ngobe; also she never learned to put in her claws, hence pawd; AND they are the children of my menoPAUSE/menoPAWS!

    Did you know the Rev Michelle at !st UU Oakland is my bestest friend in the whole world and that she turned me on to your blog? I miss her soo much.


    If you ever want to run away for a vacation, we are 20 min by water taxi from Bocas Island, 3 hours from Boquete, & less than an hour from Costa Rica. Come visit; you’ll need those cork shoes for the gravel streets. BTW, where DID you find them? I MUST have some!!!

  8. Sweet Peace Bang, I think of you as a compassionate critic, and I think you came down too hard with the critical part and not hard enough with the compassionate part of your nature.

    I read the whole post by our Episcopalian colleague and my heart ached for her. I think her outfit could be an appropriate statement in light of her grief and is a modern version of sackcloth and ashes. I do think that pink flamingo flip flops probably clash with sports regalia, especially red, but again, grief does scramble our responses sometimes.

    I read you all the time out here on the Far Left Coast but find that your Far Right Coast (“right” in terms of geography, not politics) standards are a little much for those of us who live in forests and on cool, rocky beaches.

    But I love you anyhow.

  9. It’s been the longest day for more reasons than one. Peacebang — I turn to you for something to help us through.

    Looking forward to your next post. Maybe something light and airy in the tea dress department.

  10. PeaceBang, you have a new fan in San Francisco. I’m blogging alongside the “Gnosticators” as I irrreverently call these lads. They’re quite wonderful but very… male. So I’ve thrown down the gauntlet and asked for more female input. When I did a silly blog on What to Wear, a buddy of yours turned me on to you. OH HOW I DO LOVE YOUR BLOG.

    Thank you, thank you. And expect a bit more traffic. I’m telling all ze girlz in my circle about you. I gather the lads find you hilarious also. Hope your travels have been pleasant. ‘nighty ‘night

    Juliana in SF
    A horrific dresser who lives in jeans and sweats just EXACTLY as you said we West Coasters do… I need cork sandals and a skirt in my life!

  11. Dear Peace Bang what a wonderful liturgy, prayer, and blessing. I had to repeat the liturgy several times.

    Now what do I do if I have moved, and I can’t find my makeup kit, my curling iron, and other asundry beauty items?

  12. RepreSENT, sistah! Great post.

    Now can we do something about the very EXISTENCE of tie-dyed chasubles?

  13. Dear PeaceBang,

    Thank you so very, very much for your interjection of aesthetic and liturgical good sense into our (the Episcopal Church’s) General Convention!

    I firmly believe that as members of the Anglican Communion, we ought to have consulted more widely — globally within the Anglican Communion, certainly, but also ecumenically and in interfaith contexts — about the myriad ways in which our blessings of the ministries of the “aesthetically challenged” in leadership might cause pain among our sistren and brethren, and therefore I call upon our Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music in consultation with our no-doubt-soon-to-be-announced Very Special Commission on the Episcopal Church and the Beautiful Fellowship of All Fabulous People to come up as soon as possible with a liturgy repenting of our offenses, of commission and ommission both, against the kind of aesthetic standards that honor our Creator. Please don’t kick us out of the Aesthetic Communion before we have a chance to do repent in (flatteringly cut) sackcloth and (tastefully applied) ashes.

    Blessings to you in your crucial ministry, sister.


  14. Just a quick and belated word on the pink flamingo flip flops: this lady (despite any other trangressions) may be a graduate of VTS in Alexandria, where the mascot is the pink flamingo and the flamingo has an alarming tendency to show up… well, almost everywhere VTS grads are as a symbol of our unity.

    I shall be wary to never mix and match the above combo, however. Scar-EEK!

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