PeaceBang in St. Louis

Darlings! I write you from General Assembly at St. Louis, where we are assiduously taking photos of the worst fashion offenders.

Next year I vow to bring a Ponytail Patrol with me. It needs to be two people, at least: one to come up behind the victim and gently push his face down, and a second to have the scissors at the ready.

Last night in the bar there was a fellow sitting across from me who had not only a scraggly ponytail in the back, but a twisted 13″ beard hanging off his chin. I was transfixed with horror.

Ta ta for now, loveys. Miss you. The humidity here is TERRIBLE for the frizzies! Good thing I have some Sebastian “Wired” product that locks in curl and shine!

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  1. Dear PeaceBang,

    I will write you privately also (not today but soon) because when I first read your blog two days ago I knew almost immediately who you were, and I had only met you once! (Hint: we have mutual friends among the Cantabridgian alumnae.) I am also in the clergy fashion patrol. Elegant theologs unite. Anyway, I want to say that St. Louis is a dreadful place to have conferences, I had one last year, not fun (though one barely sees the outside of the hotel at these things, which of course leads us to the question of moisturizer and proper hydration) and I much prefer some of the other convention venues. Had one in San Antonio this year, much more interesting city, better food, energetic bilingualism, and the frizz problems diminish since it is not a swampy climate. THANK YOU for performing such a public service. The Church Universal is grateful (or ought to be) and so is the general public. Now — about Bad Haircuts Among Clergywomen, particularly of a certain denomination which I will not name quite yet: a disaster. Gentlewomen, get a good hairdresser. Especially if you have short hair. But this applies to all hair lengths. It is worth the money. Do not go to SuperCuts. Buy Almay instead of Clinique if you must, cut out six lattes (speaking of which, you *are* drinking fair trade, organic coffee, are you not?), skip a movie or a tube of lipstick, but do not ever, ever stint on the haircut money. No amount of makeup can fix the way your hair frames your face and shapes your head and tops those fabulous outfits. More on this when we all have more time to talk.

    And by the way, I howled upon reading “What to Wear in a Crisis.” In fact, that’s how I found you, since I was reading the blog of the priest in question and she provided a link.

    Happy GA.

    Yours in solidarity,

    Caroline Divine

  2. Contrary to anonymous’s contention, I’ve found St. Louis to be an enjoyable place for the GA convention.

    PB, you have given me new eyes–I have noticed some real fashion faux pas here, and also some real stylistic victories. I have had to remind myself, several times, not to get back in the Jr. High mentality of judging ministers by their fashion sense. There are many folks here who do great ministry despite the bordering-on-dreadful ways they may dress themselves. I must not let concern for fashion get in the way of seeing my colleagues in their fulness! Mantra: clothes do not make the (wo)man!

  3. PB–

    I’m a 28 year old Episcopal Minister who refuses to get “clergy hair” and drop the pointy shoes. My girlfriends and I (who are forced to wear dog collars. . .sigh) even get our shirts made by a tailor so we can wear shirts that appear NOT to be designed for members of the cast of Little House on the Prairie, like the official clergywear companies make. ANYwhoo, it is a thrill to find your site. Clergy conventions are awash with bad hair, style and polyester. You’re not alone in your quest. 🙂


  4. I can’t wait to see what you write about me, PeaceBang 🙂

    ~The Donald

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