Owning The Dandified Details: A PeaceBang Halo Of Praise

I met this stunning gent, Quardricos Bernard Driskell, at a recent swanky event at Harvard Divinity School, the Peter J. Gomes Memorial Honors. His total commitment to detail and old-school elegance was absolutely perfect in the setting, and we chatted a bit during the reception.

Now, that is a LOOK. That is a lot of accessorizing: pocket square, bow tie, cuff links, belt buckle, floral pin. You have to be SHARP AS HELL to pull this off, my people. Quardricos is turned out from head to toe and owning this rather than being overwhelmed by all the dandified details. And that’s important, so listen up: this outfit could turn into a hipster kind of ironic costume if the fit was a little off, or his edges were a little less perfect, or he had an ironic, scraggly beard, or if the bow tie was a little bit of a wilder print.

Please take a moment to fully appreciate the eye for pattern and color and proportion here. This man rocketh mightily. I must confess that, although we talked about ministry and the church and he gave me two of his business cards, I don’t remember if Quardricos is ordained (I think so) or where he is serving in a ministerial capacity. Quardricos, please comment and enlighten us!

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  1. Thanks Victoria. I am also ordained (American Baptist Churches, USA).

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