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Hello chickadees,
We’re due for more winter weather here in PeaceBangLand, so I have baked beans in the Crock Pot, more beans simmering on the stove with a load of garlic and cumin to puree kind of protein-packed dip, and am tossing sauteed green beans with a mixture of tomato paste, mint and toasted almonds, topped with a squirt of lemon and some feta cheese. If the power goes out again I’ll have healthy, flavorful food to pack in the snow in my little cooler plus lots to share.

Ramona wrote this to me last week and I thought it worth sharing:

I don’t know if you’ve seen the show Double Divas yet or not. I stumbled across it while channel surfing. I’ve only watched a couple of episodes (I personally find them a bit slow, and overly interested in sensationalism ), but the one I caught last night motivated me! It was episode 1 and they fitted a bra for the woman with the’world’s largest bust.’ What caught my attention was the difference between how she looked when she came into the store and how she looked after getting the right bra (which they custom made for her)! I had to rewind and look at the ‘before’ image and the ‘after’ image again. I couldn’t believe the difference. This morning, I checked my profile in my comfy old bra (which was fitted for me, but I’ve had long enough to stretch a bit) and a new one (same size and style) I have put back for when an underwire breaks. Auntie PB – I will never doubt you again. The right bra, fitted properly and not worn out makes a huge difference.

If you haven’t seen the show, you might also want to check out the “sneak peak’ episode. They fit a gospel choir – there’s a lot of talk about how properly housing the girls helps one do the Lord’s work better.

Thanks for all the work you put into BTFM!

You are very welcome, my dear, and thank YOU for reminding us that a correctly fitted bra is absolutely crucial for looking put together. Yet again I say, “Get the girls where they need to be!” This isn’t just a matter of hoisting, it’s a matter of shaping. Too many women are out and about with their bosom lifted but not at all shaped, with spillage and jigglage galore. Why bother putting an ounce of thought into your outfit if your bad bra is going to ruin the line and your look?

Ramona, thank you for reminding us that bras do stretch over time and need to be replaced. If you gain or lose weight, you also probably need a new bra. I hate it, too, cupcakes, but I also hate putting on a dress or sweater or blazer and knowing it could look so much better if my bra fit right.

I would estimate that 75% of the women of all ages and sizes I see out and about in the course of a day who obviously care about their appearance would benefit enormously from switching to the right bra.

I haven’t seen “Double Divas” but it sounds like fun. Here’s a link for those of you who want to check it out, or who need convincing that a bra can make or break your entire professional look.

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  1. Am I the only one perplexed by the mention of the word bra in the singular? As though there are women only have one and perhaps one back up? [Good Lord, I hope not! I use the word “bra” in the singular as I use “make-up,” as in, “A gal needs the right make-up”/ “A gal needs the right bra.” – PB]

  2. I watched an episode from a period drama (the incredible “Call the Midwife” from BBC), and noticed the distinctive pointy shape under the heroine’s sweater. I googled the bullet bra’s history, wondering what on earth the original appeal was. Apparently the goal was LIFT in a major way. Yes, and it would knock yer eye out.

  3. Some years ago a woman in my book club had a bra fitting and we thought she’d lost 20 pounds. We were all sold! We have since made our yearly pilgrimage (individually, not as a group!) to Nordstrom’s for bra fittings and new purchases. The higher end bras are worth the investment (I’m a big fan of Wacoal myself). It may be stretching it just the tiniest bit to say our first fittings–and the improved look in the mirror, the better fit of clothes, the waists we thought we’d lost forever that somehow reappeared–were a spiritual experience.

  4. Several years ago when I was searching high and low for a gown for an event (yes, a gown. . .it was a very formal event. . .one that I was giving the benediction at) and was being pressured by the dress shop I was at to “go strapless” (yes, they were insane. . .these girls NEED straps. . .trust me!) but I did head over to the bra shop for a fitting, and it did change things for the better. Unfortunately, they had only one style that really fit, and there was a piece that was too uncomfortable for words after a couple of washes, but it did send me off with a better idea of what I should be wearing. The important thing to remember is that it is just a number. . .just a letter. . .and if you have to go up or down with this manufacturer, you just do it. . .it is just a number/letter. . . it doesn’t define you. . .unless you let it!

  5. Actually, strapless is not necessarily crazy with big girls. Properly fitted bras have a much tighter band than most of us are used to and 80% of the support comes from the band. (I used to wear a 34 band, got properly fitted, and now wear a 30.) Also 80%? American women wearing the wrong size. Really expensive bra stores in major metropolitan areas (live in NYC and have friends in Boston and Chicago) do proper fittings and make custom bras, but if you don’t have access to that, a good bet is size band down and cup up — often by 2 sizes in my experience and my friends’. Hint: if you can’t afford the right size in stores, hit up eBay where you can find them for a lot less shipped over from England. Apparently the English carry a much greater range of sizes than we do here. Remember: no chain store wants to tell you you’re a size they don’t carry, so they are sloppy and fudge it. This is an excellent guide to proper fit.

    One last thing: different brands and styles fit differently, so if you thought you had the right new size, but it’s still not quite right, try different brands. I wasn’t surprised when my mom discovered she couldn’t wear one particular brand since I can’t, either. Apparently, I got the shape of my breasts from her side of the family.

  6. I do an annual (or so) refitting and really needed it this year. I am a Vicky’s girl but only in two of their gazillion lines and one style in those two lines. I have also just discovered Soma Intimates. Their vanishing back is wonderful and the moccachino is a wonderful neutral – if not nude – for brown skin. I’m waiting (along with many women of color – for the launch of which promises to make nudes in a wide range of skin tones.

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