The Beard Beautiful

Hello, fellas and transmen!

PeaceBang is going to LAY DOWN A WORD about beards. She is going to lay down a STRONG word about beards because she is tired of seeing scraggly, dirty-looking beards on the faces of men who should be more aware that if they expect people to listen to what they say, they should not be speaking out of a mess of disgusting hair.

Let me make this clear. A beard is HAIR. It is not something that happens to you when you stop shaving, it is a part of your intentional hair style. A beard is not a break you get from scraping a razor across your face on a daily basis. It is part of your look. It is an accessory that needs to be clean and groomed just like your other accessories and just like your hair. If I could repeat myself yet a third time, I would. But I hope you are starting to get the message.

A beard is actually not just hair, it is also skin. Visible skin, often. So rather than thinking of your beard as this thing that passively happens to your face when you stop shaving, you need to think about your beard as part of your face and as hair — which means double the consideration of its cleanliness and grooming, not half. If your facial skin is dry and flaky, you’ll have dandruff in your bead. Which is quite frankly disgusting, but I have seen it with my own eyes. If your skin is blemished and oily, your beard will highlight that. If you forgot to wash your face or you think that washing your face is a waste of time you could be spent doing deep, spiritual things, you may go about doing deep, spiritual things with egg or tzaziki sauce caught in your beard, which will distract everyone around you from being able to focus on deep, spiritual things.

Your beard is part of your hair-do. Its shape and style should not be something that occurs without any input from the brain part of your head. This article is a good one to get you thinking about your very own beard within the context of our times, and help you consider what you are communicating with your beard.

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