Sew Your Own Stoles

Clever Pigeon Molly Vetter is a minister in Redondo, CA who had the brilliant idea of designing stoles that you can buy and sew yourself! PeaceBang doesn’t know how to sew more than a button, but she knows that many of you are crafty little children and will be very interested in this idea.

Here is Molly’s lovely blog/website and here is one of her Lenten stole designs. I like this one the best because I am not personally a fan of stoles that have text on them. What do you think? Let Molly know and for heaven’s sake go buy some of her work!

4 Replies to “Sew Your Own Stoles”

  1. Hard to believe that green number is out of stock . . . [I bet if you write to the designer she’ll set you up. – PB]

  2. I was taught that the stole itself is a symbol, and thus ought not be used as a billboard onto which to put other symbols or words. When, as in the case of the Cokesbury link above, the designer felt a need to put “Holy” three times (!) onto the stole, the very holiness of the stole itself and the office of ordained ministry it symbolizes has gone unrecognized. [Thank you for explaining what I felt intuitively. – PB]

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