Small Purses At Conference: It Can Be Done!

Bonjour, lovely people!

PeaceBang is quite tired this morning, having hit that point one hits at every conference where the cartoon bubble above her head is one big scribble– like the one Snoopy used to have when he was very confused or overwhelmed. PeaceBang calls this the Snoopy Scribble.

(Digression: I also just learned that my beloved high school music director is retiring next year and this news has my chest hurting as though someone shot a cannon ball at me and said, “CATCH!” Why would this news make me so unutterably sad? Arthur Sjogren has given decades of service to the New Canaan school system and deserves a wonderful retirement, which he shall have. I suppose this is just about Time Marching On and Crushing Us All Under Her Bierkenstocks As She Goes.)

ANYway, darlings, speaking of aging and such, PeaceBang has noticed that she isn’t as able to sling around fifty pound book bags as she used to, and has lately suffered the effects of loading herself up like a sherpa before and after class, not to mention schlepping an enormous purse at all other times. Her massage therapist, generally a gentle person, strernly admonished her to give herself a break from shoulder bags lest she wind up with real damage to her skeletal and muscular system.

As a result, PeaceBang is actually getting through General Assembly with a short-handled cotton purse that must be carried by hand rather than slung abut the body. She carries in it a cosmetics bag, small wallet, camera, small pad and pens, and hankie. She plots out her course for the day and leaves her big program in the hotel room.

This has been liberating in many ways, and also beneficial to PeaceBang’s physique in that she doesn’t end the day stretching out on the floor of the hotel groaning like one recently raised from the dead.

Also, the purse has a very high cuteness factor. Photo forthcoming.

In the interest of full disclosure of her own sartorial sins, PeaceBang confesses to her readers that three days spent in sandals with unforgiving straps and heels has led her to don Keenes for the day. Even worse, she was seen last night in 3″ wedge FLIP FLOPS. Darlings, it was that or suffer circulation problems that might lead to amputation. And PeaceBang likes her feet!

Be well, my friends! Kiss of peace from Portland!

10 Replies to “Small Purses At Conference: It Can Be Done!”

  1. PeaceBang, honey, you *know* we love you even if you were to break out in Crocs – don’t you???

  2. Take care of your feet no matter what, PeaceBang. Eventually they will make sexy shoes that don’t wreck the entire body. I actually have some dressy sandals by BeautiFeel that are quite lovely and sexy and I can walk in them for hours, even on hard, irregular pavement.

    Now, where is a picture of that purse???

  3. TODAY PeaceBang and I met–it was a lovely moment filled with lots of discussion about this small cotton bag. I took a photo and must upload it as soon as I’m in the same place as my camera cord.

  4. Agree that the bag is fab and so is PeaceBang! What a treat to meet in person at the Blogger Workshop. And who knew that Philocrites was such a snappy dresser and cute as a button?

  5. This is PeaceBang writing on H Sofia’s computer –I’m sitting here in a fabulously swank bar with Philocrites, Chalice Chick, Linguist Friend, Reverend Rick and Chutney. Hi to everyone!!

  6. I still say the cute leather backpack option solves all this — back problems, aesthetics, and hands free too. But I said this a year ago — and I know you haven’t yet met a handbaggy backpack you like, but really, they do make ’em sleek and tailored and not shleppy.

    Hi to all from Li’l Flava Land ;-). (We’re phonable.)


  7. LOL – I just noticed that this is where your blog post comment went to when you were clickety clacking on my ‘puter!

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