Tips For Having That Awkward Conversation*

Here’s a little 6.33 minute video I made to answer the question I have received a few times in recent months, namely, “How can I have that awkward conversation with my student intern/new junior colleague who dresses inappropriately for the job?”

A few things:

1. Frame it in a positive way (“I think you’re doing a great job and have real gifts, so I want to give you some feedback that I think will only help you move into your role with even more success.”

2. Use language of formal/informal instead of “appropriate” and “professional.” Unless you want to. You know the players; I don’t.

3. Don’t ever get drawn into a conversation about a specific item of clothing or garment. You haven’t got time to quibble over skirt lengths.

4. Ignore my ramblings at 4:23. I got tired. That was a stupid idea.

*Oh, you thought this was going to be about sexuality education? Naw, that’s EASY by comparison!

Summer Make-Up

Because the question of how to wear make-up over good sun protection comes up ALL the time and I’ve never done the video I keep promising — I finally did it!

The Skinceuticals product I am using is this. I tend to burn no matter what I use, so I’m constantly on the look-out for advanced formulae that actually protect me even if I don’t reapply every half hour, because who ever remembers to do that?


Here’s a post I did on this exact same subject last year at this time.

Engaging Your Face

Hello darlings,
I held off on publishing this until I got some feedback on it. I don’t know how to edit video and there’s a critical part I would have liked to have cut, but I got assurance from a couple of trusted advisors that the overall message is worth hearing, so I’m going ahead and sharing it with you. It’s long — sorry about that, but brevity is not the soul of PeaceBang!! Kiss of peace.

Easy Sunday Morning Make-Up

Dawn Star wrote to me a few weeks ago and said that she was a Director of Religious Education who never wore make-up and doesn’t know how, but wanted some tips on how to put forward a more polished, professional face on Sunday mornings. I phoned her up and got to know her a bit and we had a great chat. I recommended that she work with her hair and use some product to smooth out her bangs, and also gave her some make-up tips. We decided that rather than writing about what I recommended for her, I would just make a handy instructional video.

Here is the lovely Dawn Star:

And here’s my talkin’ head talkin’ atchya.

Thanks to Dawn Star for her e-mail and for sharing her photos. She has promised to mess around a bit with make-up and send us an “after” photo when she feels like she’s got her look where she wants it.