Skype Interviews

Hello, Halloween Pumpkins!

Have you put away the candy yet? PeaceBang had precious few trick-or-treaters and wound up with an enormous bowl of Twix, Starburst and Rollo caramels that she is trying to unload on everyone she knows.

Anyway, I’ve been kind of bombarded with life being interesting and busy so I haven’t had much time to thoroughly answer some of your “PeaceBang, HELP” letters. A couple of you have asked about Skype interviews recently, and I directed you to do a keyword search and find old posts like this one that I wrote way back in 2011.

I’ll add to my original thoughts that it seems important to keep patterns and accessories to a reasonable scale and proportion that does not distract from your face. You can make a handy dress rehearsal video of your own using the camera in your computer, and you should. Take a few minutes’ worth of footage of you talking. Are earrings swinging around, is there a funny thing that you do with your lips when you get nervous? Are you looking down into the camera lens like a cow?

Why do so many people still DO THAT? I really like cows but I don’t want to Skype with them! Find a good angle!

Wear something that doesn’t squish your neck (including clericals unless you feel wrong without them), make sure your shoulders aren’t bunched up with fabric, don’t sit on a swivel chair if you can’t stop squirming around, and make sure that when you clear your throat and shift in your chair during the interview you don’t move forward toward the camera lens and SUDDENLY BOMBARD THE SCREEN LIKE A COW.

I suppose I’ll have to make you a cow video so you understand what I’m talking about.

You know what I’m talking about, right?

Here. I made you a little video.

Converting Regular Shirts Into Clericals: Call For Video

Hi, darling colleagues,
Rev. Ingrid from South Africa wrote with her thanks to you all for sharing your ideas on how to make clericals out of regular shirts here.

But Ingrid says that she is a visual learner and I know that others are, too, so I want to invite any of you who have successfully converted shirts to make a video tutorial of how you did it, and we’ll share them here.

Many thanks and much love. Kiss of peace, MWAH! PB

PB Make-Up Tutorials! Two For The Price of One!

Because I love ya, and because this was fun! I piled on a ton of make-up to show you some tricks! It was late, I had hideous hair, and I put on way too much eye shadow but the techniques might be helpful or interesting or entertaining to some of ya!

Here we go!

And then I decided to do a Part II with options for less stage make-upy eyes. But then I got out the liquid liner and got all punchy. It’s very late, it’s CHRISTMAS EVE tomorrow and Santa Jesus is coming! Yay!