Converting Regular Shirts Into Clericals: Call For Video

Hi, darling colleagues,
Rev. Ingrid from South Africa wrote with her thanks to you all for sharing your ideas on how to make clericals out of regular shirts here.

But Ingrid says that she is a visual learner and I know that others are, too, so I want to invite any of you who have successfully converted shirts to make a video tutorial of how you did it, and we’ll share them here.

Many thanks and much love. Kiss of peace, MWAH! PB

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  1. If you are wearing an Anglican collar, and you do not mind your buttons showing, it is easy.
    You will need a rather large clerical collar for most women’s blouses, long shank collar studs, very sharp scissors, a chemical called fray stop from a fabric store, a sewing machine to make button holes, and the button-up shirts that need converting.

    1. Cut collar off right wear it folds. This will leave you a banded collar shirt that can still button all the way to the top.

    2 Apply fray stop to the area where the collar was removed according to manufacture’s directions. Or serge the raw edge where the collar was removed.

    3. Measure the perfect center of the collar in back. It is probably in the middle of the tag.

    4. Sew a small buttonhole right on that spot.

    5. Remove the top collar button. Sew a small buttonhole where the button was.


    Attach collar and go.

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