Easy Sunday Morning Make-Up

Dawn Star wrote to me a few weeks ago and said that she was a Director of Religious Education who never wore make-up and doesn’t know how, but wanted some tips on how to put forward a more polished, professional face on Sunday mornings. I phoned her up and got to know her a bit and we had a great chat. I recommended that she work with her hair and use some product to smooth out her bangs, and also gave her some make-up tips. We decided that rather than writing about what I recommended for her, I would just make a handy instructional video.

Here is the lovely Dawn Star:

And here’s my talkin’ head talkin’ atchya.

Thanks to Dawn Star for her e-mail and for sharing her photos. She has promised to mess around a bit with make-up and send us an “after” photo when she feels like she’s got her look where she wants it.

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  1. I only got to see half the tutorial (got interupted) but it sounds like you have some great advice for Dawnstar.

    My totally minimal suggestion would be some light blendable concealer applied around the eyes with fingertips and a medium strength lipstick (not really bright, but something you can see is there from a few meters away). And maybe a bit of hairspray to tame flyaways?

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