It has been SUCH a long time since we’ve done a shoe post here at BTFM! Too bad I’m preparing for a short trip to NYC and can’t get to one right now. But I promise I’ll take lots of photos of fabulous street fashion from the Big Apple and try to get inspired.

Meanwhile, whatchya got? What are you wearing? Now that we’re out of sandals I’m back to all oxfords all the time except when I’m in boots. I facilitated a board retreat for a congregation last weekend and felt so strong and grounded in my Fleuvog Wessex boots. They’re my favorite “LET’S GET SOME GOOD WORK DONE” shoes.

Fluevog moto boot


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  1. This year is a big time walking year, and I am not investing a lot of cash either, so the shoes are not so interesting. I recently brought last year’s boots out of the closet. I noticed that a lot of the young fry who have brought out their boots for the season are wearing them with knee socks and skirts. The look is generally pretty infantalizing, and I am not a fan, it breaks the line of the outfit up and seems to revolve around those 6-8 inches of bare skin at the knees. I did see one example of knee socks AND tights/leggings which might have possibility, but I’d have to experiment to see if it worked. [I LOATHE that Lolita look. It’s all about “barely legal chic” and I wish women would stop contributing to the unconscious sexualization of young girls by regressing to widdle girl clothes. – PB]

  2. Because I’m a sock knitter, I like to wear shoes that show off my handknit socks. And I’m retired, so I don’t have to think much about who sees me dressed less-than-professionally. It’s all about comfort for me (and I’m aware that comfort/fashion are not mutually exclusive). In the winter I wear clogs without backs (sock display) or the shoes I got least year on sale at REI which are Oxford-style brushed brown leather with rubber soles.

    PB, you must be wringing your hands over me by now! Or is that a prayer? [t’s a wave! Just a wave, I swear!- PB]

  3. I would like to find some nice pumps that are neutral but not boring. Also some pretty black flats, since my pants seem to have this weird habit of becoming too short all of a sudden. [What IS it with finding decent black flats! That aren’t so flat they’re like scoffing around in paper shoes? – PB]

  4. What lovely black boots! Perhaps you could say a bit about how to style these shorter boots? Especially with skirts? Recently while browsing around Marshall’s while waiting for my car to be inspected I found these boots and bought them! I think they are so beautiful:

    Now I am not quite sure what to do with them. I think I understand how to do knee high boots but these are shorter. I see a lot of young women wearing boots of this silhouette with leggings, but I have really taken your Peacebang advice about leggings to heart. [GOOD PIGEON!! I will try to get a column together, but meanwhile, have you checked the archives? – PB]

  5. Gorgeous boots, Laura! I have a pair like those that I wear with skirts and bare legs ankle in the warm weather (and ankle socks inside the boots); in the cool weather, I wear them with tights and skirts. PB will likely put me in the naughty corner for this, but I also wear them with high-quality leggings and long, high-quality belted sweaters with crisp cotton shirts beneath them. I’m a naturally slim and tall person, so it’s perhaps easier for me to get away with leggings than shorter women…though our dear, wise PB will surely disagree! PB, you ask about the boots we’re wearing now. Here are two I’ve bought in the last couple of years and wear with almost everything:

  6. On the subject of “what to wear with boots,” and pairing leggings therewith, I live in a cold climate and I get cold easily. So I wear leggings under my skirts in the winter instead of tights–much warmer! Particularly when I’ll be doing a graveside service and the bitter plains winds will be blowing. I don’t ever wear leggings as pants, but what do you think, PeaceBang, about wearing black leggings under a skirt instead of black tights?

    Also! I recently read a hilarious blog post about things going wrong at a funeral, part of which was caused by inappropriate shoes on a pallbearer. PeaceBang, I think you’ll get a kick out of it. (Particularly because the inappropriateness was not on the part of the pastor, this time!)

  7. I thought the general consensus on leggings was “Casual at best, and make sure your outer layer (tunic or skirt) is long enough to cover any suggestion of your ladybusiness even when you bend over.”

    (For me, leggings are gym wear, because I don’t like to do shorts where there might be witnesses, but I hear tell that other people wear leggings as if they concealed anything that might be under them…)

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