How NOT to Wear Coral

Having just oozed with praise for the fun spring/summer color of coral, I must caution you that it can also be very frumpy and instantly identify you with the retired Boca Raton bubbe crowd. Keep it bright and vibrant, nothing that looks too much like orange sherbet. Sherbert? Sherbet?

And PLEASE GOD, no frosted corals on the nails!!!!


Borghese Tangelo Sherbet
Better, and the shorter length of the nails is WAY better, but still a bit bubbe.

Conquistadorable Coral by O.P.I.
Great, bright color, great short nails. Well-done, neat and chic.

5 Replies to “How NOT to Wear Coral”

  1. Hmmm, I could wear t he first on my toes. (I am way to old to wear anything but conservative on my fingers)I always wear fun colors on my toes. No one sees but my family and my acupuncturist. I love looking down and seeing happy tootsies. =D

  2. Am I really tacky if I say I like the frosted coral so much more than the dark? Sorry, but I’m a pale girl with short little fingers. I guess I need to just get a pedi and be done.

  3. The thing is: I have that middle colour and I love it! Now I’m thinking its high time I got or gave myself a manicure, the last one I had was July.

  4. Yeah, I’m not a fan of frosted nail polish. For some reason, it’s hard to find non frosted or non sparkly in the drugstore brands of nail polish.

  5. I’m not personally a fan of bright polish on fingernails (I’m a french manicure kind of gal) but LOVE a gorgeous vibrant color on my toes, and that last one fits the bill! Gonna dig out my Ulta coupon and snatch that color up this weekend —

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