Coral: The IT Cullah for Spring 2011

I’m mad about coral, so I’m pretty psyched that it has been anointed the big IT color for Spring/Summer 2011.

C’mon, what can make you happier than this awesome shade of pink? PLUS, it’s a shade actually found in nature, which for me gives it extra deliciousness factor.

Coral & Cream Cardigan, J-Marco

Liberty of London Slim Fit Shirt

Jessica Biel in coral lippy.

Korres #45 Coral Lipstick

The fabulous FLOTUS in a coral cardie – what a great outfit! Even that wonky belt!

Mulberry Bayswater Patent Leather Bag, costs more than you got paid for an entire year of internship, but there are affordable options for adorable coral bags everywhere. Check your local TJ Maxx, Filene’s Basement or 9 West.


Kicky little flats from England’s Top Shop.

Coral pink tie from J.C. Penney, which I would like better if it was in a bolder coral shade.

11 Replies to “Coral: The IT Cullah for Spring 2011”

  1. Did anyone else read that IT as “information technology”? (And I would look smashing in coral. Wait: does that make me sound like a shark?). [You’re a big nerd and I love you. – PB]

  2. Actually…”information technology” was my first thought as well. lol Mostly likely because I am teaching the church secretary how to use Excel.

  3. My college friends used to call that light shade “Susan P Peach” — The most universally flattering shade for any complexion, even those of us who tend to a little roseacea.

  4. I love coral too, but look awful in it. [Well, there are so many variations! And of course, we can make many colors work with the right make-up…- PB]

  5. OK – what is this J Marco? I’ve never heard of it. . .
    [I don’t know — never heard of it before today. LOVE that sweater madly, though. – PB]

  6. I don’t get it. There’s a lot you say, PB, that I don’t get, because I am fashion-backward from jump street; but the appeal of this color, I especially don’t get.
    [Don’t sweat it! There’s really no reason one should or shouldn’t “get” a color, I think it’s just visceral. And the fashion industry has to choose something to get people buying stuff, you know. I love this color in flowers. I don’t think I’ll be doing any wearing of it, as I look much better in a true pink. But I do love looking at it. – PB]

  7. Ah coral. One of my faves, too. Happily, I just scored a lovely coral cotton jacket from the Goodwill! One more coral fun fact: it was my mom’s lipstick shade. She died in the early 70s, and I can still see her teeny white lipstick tubes, with the blotting kleenex. She would always insist on having the first bite of my sandwich, leaving a little coral quarter-moon along the bite. Sentimental, and tasted GROSS.

  8. What a lovely memory, Rev. Gidget. It’s funny how things like smells and colors remind us of loved ones.

    I’ve totally jumped on the coral bandwagon for makeup, even though I’m a winter. I have two lipglosses and a blush that look frighteningly orange in the package, but when combined with my pink skintone, it comes out a lovely peachy color.

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