Preaching With a Bob

What better to do during a New England blizzardy evening than to blog?

Hi dears!
One of you wrote me eons ago asking for advice on how to style a bob so that it wouldn’t fall in your eyes during preaching.
Good question. After all, the bob is pretty much designed to fall sexily in one’s eye, is it not?

Or, you know…?

So the first thing to do is make sure you tell your hair stylist to cut a short enough bang to skim your eyes rather than droop into them:

She just needs a little spray.

Mrs. Tom Cruise has it down perfectly.

The other thing you can do is make headbands your friend, but nothing too cutesy:

This is a dramatic, glam look but that’s because most of the photos I found of women with bob cuts and headbands looked way too girlish.

Alternately, you can go with a simply pin to keep the hair back:

The make-up is sophisticated enough that she doesn’t look like a schoolgirl. Notice the slightly winged-out eyeliner. However, I would not recommend placing the bobby pin that high up.

Here is a photo of me with a long, layered bob wearing a tiny hair pin to keep the bangs out of my eyes:

I wasn’t preaching that morning but I would often do that with my hair: put a tiny pin in it and pull some of the other hair over it.

Another look that should work for Sunday morning is to pull back the bangs and secure them with a clip or barrette. Another thing I like to do is twist two chunks of hair near the crown and pull them back. Someone said this look was too “theatre-artsy” but I’m not sure what that means.

Anyway, play with your own locks! Just make sure that you keep them bangs out of your face!

6 Replies to “Preaching With a Bob”

  1. perhaps one could tell one’s stylist that one HATES to have bangs falling into one’s eyes, therefore stylist needs to cut hair so that it does NOT fall into the eyes.

  2. I have a bob with sideswept bangs and these are exactly all the tricks I use when I preach! A single bobby pin is your friend and I find supersuperskinny headbands work best at minimizing schoolgirlishness. Also, I occasionally do a half-up style with no part and pin the bangs straight back. Secure with hairspray…but not too much! No part and too much hairspray can look severe.

  3. I spray my fingertips with hairspray and, looking at the palm of my hand and fanning my fingers a bit, I place the spray on the hair just under the part. (Yes, it’s hard to describe!) In any case, it provides just enough resistance to the heavier side and prevents my hair from falling into my face. I have extremely fine straight hair. Works for me!

  4. Ugh, I HATE the look in the second to last photo. I think not only ¨little girl¨ but ¨little girl whose mommy wouldn´t even buy her pretty barrettes.¨ IMO plain bobby pins are tools, not adornments. If you must put one up front, cover it up with your hair the way you did (very nice), or pick one that looks pretty.

    Gads, someone went like that to a premiere?! I just can´t get over it. She also looks like she didn´t brush her hair before she got out of the limo. The unbrushed look is something else I look forward to taking their place among the Bad Fashions of the Past aside bellbottoms and orlon sweaters.

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