“Character” Pieces

Sometimes you fall madly in love with a pair of boots because they just make you happy. Flattering or not, they just make you happy. It happens.

I happen to love cowboy and motorcycle and rockabilly-type stuff. It’s a strange weakness and I don’t know where it comes from.

But at least I’m wise enough not to wear more than one piece at a time. Because look how cheezy this would be:

Bad, bad, bad, and also wicked unflattering. I don’t need all that big bulk around my head AND my feet.
Here I’m going to switch to a beret. The beret adds a bit of texture and fun and warmth that I want, and I don’t go around looking like I’m overdoing the Suburban Cowgirl bit.

So like I was saying to a male colleague the other day: do the boots OR the suspenders and maybe the cowboy hat. Do not do all three at the same time. Be judicious in your use of character pieces.

6 Replies to ““Character” Pieces”

  1. My fantasy is to lose a chunk of buttah and rock them with jeans and a white shirt and big chunky turquoise necklace. Simple, very kickin.

  2. not a boot person, but the comment about being cautious with our character pieces is SUCH good advice.

    and i have that same rug!! only mine is in the dining room under the table. with a snoozing kitty.

  3. Good idea. That’s why I only wear one trendy item at a time ie not animal print tights with something metallic.

  4. In any case, I don’t think that those awesome motorcycle boots really worked with a cowboy hat. Just me perhaps. Loved them with the beret though.

  5. That’s what I SAID! Cheezy! Terrible! I was setting a negative example!

    (don’t mind my yelling. It’s 3 AM and I’m waiting for my dog to poop out the chicken wings he ate today at 6pm)

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