Easy ‘Do

On days when your hair just won’t do ANYTHING, even if you used volumizing shampoo, conditioner AND GEL AND PASTE FOR GOD’S SAKE, I like to roll it on the sides a bit (I look like a huge geek in these photos but it’s In Your Service, darlings, so I will not be embarrassed!) and clip it in with little clampy-clips.


It gets it off my face for preaching.

6 Replies to “Easy ‘Do”

  1. You look lovely! But I would like more information on the little clampy-clips, please.

  2. I do something similar with mine for preaching/serving at the altar but I pull it up a bit in the back because otherwise my hair sorta sags and looks sad and neglected. 😛 I adore those little crab claw clips, best hair thingies ever.

  3. Hey, you have that Scandinavian look with the twisty thing. You could wear candles on your head in December for St. Lucia. The only way I can do that is with bread dough, a twisty ropey design, but my hair never cooperates.

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