Philocrites: A Damn Fine Blogger and Paragon of (FACIAL HAIR) Manscaping

“The time has come, the walrus said…”

Christopher Walton, blogging as Philocrites since 2002, has officially signed off. It’s a real loss for the Unitarian Universalist community and for anyone interested in excellent religious reporting and analysis.

Thankfully, the Philocrites archives will remain available, and a rich treasure trove they are indeed. Sermon fodder, sermon fodder, sermon fodder! Although most of his posts were topical, he frequently posted extremely insightful essays about the broader sweep of liberal religion.

As you can see, Chris, who has contributed comments and suggestions for men’s apparel to this blogger over the years, knows his way around a crisp white polo shirt and is a master of facial hair grooming. You will never find him looking less than natty, even when covering a conference at 18-hour days.

Thanks for the memories, Philocrites. Vaya con Dios, may you and The Reverend Mrs. Philocrites enjoy your adorable kinder and may we see you in the real world real soon.

Kiss of peace, PB

9 Replies to “Philocrites: A Damn Fine Blogger and Paragon of (FACIAL HAIR) Manscaping”

  1. Scott, “manscaping” refers to trimming the hair on the face, chest, and back, in addition to the “nether regions”. I’m quite certain that PB is only referring to his facial hair! 🙂

  2. Yes, Gina, that I know, but do see the title of this blogpost. (For the below-the-collar work, I prefer the term “clippering.” Less twee.)

  3. A quick Google search or visit to would prevent accidental embarrassment.

    Otherwise, one discovers the unintended meaning of a slang term much like the recent “tea party” conservative protesters discovering the other meaning for “tea bagging.” [Yea, but I hear “manscaping” used all the time in a way to refer to facial hair grooming. So I’m sticking with it, because think of all the hilarious spam I’m likely to get! – PB]

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