Snowy Sunday

Happy new year, angels. We are in our eleventy-billionth day of SNOW SNOW AND MORE SNOW and the guys didn’t even come and plow me out this morning. The dog didn’t want to go out into the wind and do his business. I was deeply desirous of climbing back under the covers but the LORD MUST BE WORSHIPPED and besides, I have wicked cabin fever and was perked up remarkably by being with my congregation.

We dedicated a sweet little boy this morning (dedication is the Unitarian Universalist rite for blessing and naming babies and, in the case of our congregation, welcoming them into the covenanted community as children of the church). After a dedication I always take the baby around the church so people can see him or her up close. The baby always gurgles happily, the choir sings, people get teary-eyed and it’s just really lovely. This little guy was too old to carry and hold up, so I led him around by the hand. He’s not waving in this photo but he waved at everyone and they waved back and someone took this photo with his i-phone.

That Buster Brown suit and the chumbly knees are going to make me happy for like, the next decade. I don’t even mind any more that I’ll undoubtedly be stuck wearing huge ugly snow boots for the next sixteen weeks.

Happy new year, pigeons!

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  1. That’s cute! And definitely a good reason for living close to church- I live 35 miles away, and got blown off the highway by the strong winds (don’t worry, no injuries or damage) so I had to give up trying to get to church. 🙁

    I told my congregation as I got the phone tree started that church was not canceled, but services were. The organist did manage to make it in with his 4 wheel drive truck, and serediptiously, a nearby church had an organist emergency. So he was able to fill in for them without a problem!

  2. Embrace the boots. Even full-on sheepies (I now own two pairs, one Just Sheepskin and one Emu). Take them off at the church or office if you must and swap for ‘real’ shoes, but keep the tootsies toasty.

    I also just bought two puffer jackets in the sales today….one is purple, one is chocolate brown.

  3. What a cutie! And many sympathies for living in hip-deep snow. It’s wicked cold where I am too; good stiff breezes and the weather prophets say we won’t see anything above mid-thirties for at least a tenday. Happy New Year from your PaganBuddy-sicle.

  4. The kid’s cute and all, but I’m most struck by the lovely cut of your robe. It appears to have a slight A-line shape, yes? I love it!

    And Bee, that’s the nicest snow Sunday story ever (your organist, not you getting blown off the road).

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