Winter Puff Rant and Anti-Puff Eye Roller Review

Good evening, my darlingest darlingheads!

PeaceBang does NOT love the winter! Herein begins a Mutually Supportive Rant! PeaceBang dislikes the dark and cold of winter, the short days of winter, the dry skin and lifeless hair of winter, the pneumonia and other ailments that make her beloveds suffer in the winter, and she does NOT love the tons of snow and the ice everywhere that cause her to have to think about where she’s walking lest she slip and wind up on her keister as she just did taking out the recycling. I’m such a winter-time klutz I’m amazed I haven’t broken anything yet. *knocking wood*

Speaking of slipping, yesterday I actually fainted for the first time in my life, and I don’t want to discuss that in any depth except to say that it was startling but I’m fine. Sometimes an empathic personality does not work in one’s favor. Fainting is funny! “I am on the floor” is actually a very funny thought if you immediately realize that nothing serious is wrong with you.

Fat! Fat! Fat! Raise your hand if you too feel like a spud right now: I know I can’t be the only one. I’m a Weight Watchers drop-out, a totally absentee gym member and an enthusiastic consumer of wintertime comfort foods. My chickens have come home to roost in the form of weight gain that puts me squarely (or roundly) between sizes. This means that I am either wearing floppy, unflattering clothes or overly-snug, unflattering clothes. I really should just don a black poncho and leave it at that. It is so dreary to find combinations that look halfway decent! Can’t I just wear my cute fleece nightgowns all day?

I am starting on a vegetable soup program that I hope will help: I do love soup dearly. If only I could stop garnishing it with home-made cheese croutons…

So PeaceBang is puffy. What else is new?
She is happy to report that while it will take time and effort to de-puff her figure to any noticeable degree, she has found a way to fairly quickly de-puff the bags under her eyes. It is a Garnier product with one of those names the cosmetic industry loves — something wonderfully Frenchy and faux-scientific like “Garnier Nutrisse Anti-Matter Gravity-Defying De-Puffification Roller.” It costs quite a bit ($12) but I’ve been using it for several weeks day and night and it seems to be lasting well. I love that it dries well enough that you can wear it under make-up.

So there you go. Boys and girls with Eye Puff, give it a try. Everyone else, join in with General Wintertime Ranting or just go have yourselves a nice day.

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  1. I am so with you on the feeling puffy thing. I feel like I’ve barely moved my body since the week of Thanksgiving. First very cold weather, then very wet weather. But on the days I do force myself out for a short walk, the weather is better than I think it will be, and I feel revitalized for it.

  2. One of my church folks just turned me on to YakTrax–they’re wonderful for traipsing down the driveway with the trash. I don’t like the idea of falling one bit, and these make me feel very sure-footed. Amazon has them.
    [Good Lord in heaven, do those look like a medieval torture device!! Are they easy to put on and take off? – PB

  3. Fellow spud here!! UGH. Between the winter blues (I’ve got S.A.D., which makes this a rough time of year), stress at work, and the holidays, comfort food and laziness have rounded me out, solidly. I am most definitely between sizes; were it summer, I’d hide under fabulous jersey dresses, but winter means layers and MORE BULK. For the first time, I’ve even gained some pudge in my tummy; usually it’s all about my thighs and butt, but I’ve got a -wince- muffin top! UGH, hate that phrase, hate the pudge!!

    In any case, my mother and I are challenging one another to see how fit and toned we can get. She’s lifting weights, I’m doing yoga. I’m getting married in September, and we both want fabulous arms and flatter tummies to show for it. We’re rewarding ourselves with facials in March if we Keep it Up, and then pedicures in May/June.

    Gotta think positive; remember– as each day passes, we are getting a few more minutes of sunlight! The turning of the seasons, PeaceBang, we are at least HEADING for Spring!

  4. Hate the winter? I hate it so much I live in Florida. I have seen snow and decided that ice belongs in the fridge and oranges on trees, not the other way around… We are having cold weather here. Actual Freezing temperatures within 5 miles of my own Fort Lauderdale home. I am not slipping and falling on ice though so I should be grateful but I am ill equipped to deal with more than 2 days of chilly weather! Who has a 3rd sweater, who even owns a coat? Recent transplants who have not yet made the trip to the Salvation Army to Donate it for some poor sucker leaving state. It’s a rant. I had to join…

    Re: the fainting. See what happens is you don’t have enough blood to the brain and you lose consciousness. This is not good for you! I am a diagnosed fainter (neuro-cardiogenic syncope) and take steps to keep from passing out. The treatment is not too terrible. Since this is your first faint, I’d give it a pass, but if it happens again to the doctor you go. Fainting is not as cute as they make it seem on tv. You are likely to expose something or have a body part land indecorously. It’s not seemly. According to my doctor getting less fluffy helps. Darn, I wish he’d give me an assignment I can actually do. Maybe this time (Ha ha ha)

  5. Here in the piedmont NC we are having unusually prolonged cold weather. We’re used to weather in the twenties for two or three days, then warming to the high thirties. But there was snow just before Christmas, and the parking lot glaciers are STILL HERE. We’re not getting above freezing until next week. That does it–I am officially not caring how I look with all these layers as long as I’m WARM. Until the spring thaw. And the Maiden can’t wake up too soon for me!
    However do you cherubim up there stand it?

  6. I very much like the Garnier eye-roller-thing too, not just because it de-puffs, but because it’s a nice cooling effect. It’s refreshing and makes me feel a little more awake at the start of the day!

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