Slides, For A Shuffling-Around Life

Darlings, the latest in footwear fads is the slide.

I hate them.

Slides are for the pool. Fancying them up with silk and bows does not make them appropriate footwear for anyone who wants to project an aura of competency and basic intelligence. Does this sound judgmental? That’s because PeaceBang is JUDGING.

Slides are a way of communicating to the world, “I don’t really need to get anywhere, I am just shuffling around in upscale bedroom slippers. I am so officially over it, I can’t even be bothered to wear an actual shoe.”

Slides are fine for poolside, for the gym, or for events in your own home for which you have “help.” Nothing says Bored Heiress like slides.

Not PeaceBang approved for clergy.

4 Replies to “Slides, For A Shuffling-Around Life”

  1. Slides are fashionable right now? Yes! I love slides! But of course not for professional use. But for mama work, and housework, and hanging out? Oh yeah. 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t touch ’em. Unless, of course, they had a kitten heel and the upper part had plenty of yellow fluff. #revboredheiress

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