Dry Shampoo Review

Beautiful people, if you have not included dry shampoo in your styling arsenal, know that it’s a very good friend to you on days that actual shampooing would be too time or water-consuming.
For those of you with slippery, fine hair, dry shampoo is fantastic for plumping up the roots. In fact, my own hair looks like a big bla when freshly washed but looks much better on day two and three with some dry shampoo spritzed in.

My hair stylist, Roger, gave me the essential tip: apply dry shampoo before bed and allow it time to soak up the oil. Brush out in the morning and voila, cleaner, lifted roots.

Don’t over-apply dry shampoo, and don’t brush it out too hard, either or you’ll just make it oily again. I lift sections of my hair, spritz the roots, zhuzh wiht my fingers, and leave be. The next morning I brush gently with a boar bristle brush and style.

Batiste is a pretty good brand. It costs about $7 and has different formulas.

Bamboo Style is my fave dry shampoo. It’s very clear, doesn’t require more than a few little spritzes to soak up a lot of oil, and has a fairly neutral smell. It’s about $12.95.

I don’t know how I once acquired a bottle of Oribe Dry Shampoo but it’s WAY beyond my budget, so it must have been a giveaway. I liked it a lot but no way is it worth $44!! Oribe products are delicious, though.

Not Your Mother’s Texturing Dry Shampoo is a good product and only costs a few bucks. It made my hair a little too slippery and I found it a little too fragranced but definitely a fall-back if I run out of Bamboo or Batiste.

As for this orginal dry shampoo that you may have seen on your mom’s bathroom counter growing up?

Pssst, here’s a secret: save your money. It’s awful.

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  1. I love “No Drought” dry shampoo by Lush. It is cornflour based with a grapefruit and lime oil scent. I love it. I sprinkle it on the roots and ploouf it through my hair. Then brush off all the powder that fell all over my black shirt. It is great for soaking up the oils and gives my flat floppy hair a bit if lift.

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