Ministry Out And About Check-In

Let’s do a Mickey Mouse Club Roll Call and see what where we have all been showing up lately. Where did you show up and how did you feel about your image when you did?

I have had a few funerals and commitals lately. The only thing I would note out of the ordinary is that I did a commital on a windy, cold afternoon on a hill by the water and decided to wear a warm hat and pure sunglasses. I’ve just been sick too often this winter not to go hatless, and the sunglasses choice was to keep my eyes from tearing up from the wind. I didn’t feel great about it but it didn’t distract me.

I have found that the combination of tailored striped shirt, black pants and blazer, a big silver pendant necklace, a big siver amethyst ring, silver earrings and boots are a favorite outfit for church meetings lately. A friend who has been staying with me a lot lately calls this my “pirate look” and says she loves it. It feels almost like a uniform and I feel very grounded in it.

I know I am not the only one doing a lot of advocacy work. I will be attending meetings about criminal justice reform with my state representatives, attending a community organizing meeting with our local police chief, and meeting with other clergy about sanctuary and immigrant advocacy in coming weeks. I find myself grateful to own several unstructured but tailored blazers in various colors: fuschia, black, blue and white. They pair very easily with clericals, shells or blouses and all look nice with any one of my several pairs of black pants or a pencil skirt. I like the clean lines, solid colors and nice tailoring of these garments. I usually attend the meetings with a cerulean briefcase-style purse and dressy boots. I prefer to take notes in a little Moleskin notebook and try not to leave the house before checking that I have reading glasses and a nice pen on me.

I have found that it helps re-center myself if I sit down for a few minutes, drink a big glass of water and spritz my face with chilled rose water (I keep it in the fridge) before heading out of the house for these meetings. I try not to drink caffeinated coffee or tea after 2PM even if I feel tired. It’s not worth the insomnia or heartburn later!

Where are you showing up? What’s working for you?

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