Wizened Chilly Gnomes and Inexcusably Flaking Lips

My next post is definitely going to be about showing up as shiny, moisturized, vibrant and beautiful as possible even when it’s brutally cold outside and we feel like chilly, wizened gnomes.

We would ALL like to nestle underneath fleece throws scrolling through Twitter and cursing the vile, hateful man who is currently “serving” as President of the United States, reading mystery novels or stuffing our faces with buttered popcorn while staring blankly at the wall but we may not. We have work to do, a resistance to participate in, the good news to keep preaching, and bedsides to visit (it’s not rude to wear a surgical mask).
We have congregational initiatives that beg our creative and faithful engagement. We have spirits to lift; or if not to lift, at least to companion.

You cannot IMAGINE how sad it makes PeaceBang when she sees clergy showing up all blotchy and draggy, slumping along in enormous snowboots wtih pants tucked sloppily into them, flat, dirty hat hair and FLAKY DRY LIPS.


Here are just a few I collected from around my house and in my purse (I have many others in my desk drawers at home and at church):


Left to Right: Badger Cocoa Butter Lip Balm (Whole Foods); Jack Black Lip Balm (I love this stuff – it has SPF in it! I get it at Sephora or that store with all the smelly soap? What is that joint called?); Sephora scrubby lippy; Sugar by Fresh (pricey, a beautiful splurge, Sephora). Rosebud salve at the top (Sephora).

Folks, this is basic hygiene. When someone looks at your face, they should not see evidence that an adult entrusted with their and their church’s well-being has no idea how to take care of their own face. It’s just sad and even distressing.

Here’s a trick: slather your lips with Vaseline, take a warm, damp washcloth and gently scrub away the flakiness. If you have serious peeling, don’t rub too hard. Do this over a period of days while keeping your lips well-moisturized and don’t let it get that bad moving forward.

P.S. Carmex or any other product with menthol in it is actually adsictive AND drying. Toss that junk!

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  1. Lip care is so important in winte – thank you for the reminder!
    A few ideas to add: if your lips are chapped and painful, there is a very simple cure: gently rub some honey on them, DONT’t lick it off, let it be absorbed. Works like a treat!
    Be careful with lip balm that contains petroleum / mineral oil. This includes vaseline. It will dry out your skin. Rather use products containing beeswax and other natural ingredients.
    [YES, MA’AM! So true! Thanks for the honey trick — I’m going to try it! – PB]

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