At Least I Can Have Fun With Make-Up: Urban Decay BackTalk Palette

When the going gets tough, the tough buy make-up.
I adore Urban Decay. This is me playing around with their Backtalk Palette, a super fun collection of gorgeous eyeshadows, blushes and highlighter. I’m wearing several of the eyeshadows, plus Urban Decay eyeliner in Empire and lipstick in ZZ (creme formula, Vice line).

Please try to hang in there and show up with rage-fueled power and commitment. I am hanging out with the prophets right now, and the imprecatory psalms and it helps.

I am turning off devices and cutting off the news and commentary by 10PM, no excuses and no exceptions (except one night when there was a bizarre series of gas explosions 20 miles north of me).
I am getting to sleep earlier.
I am reading women theologians and authors.
I am checking out of conversations that stick their finger in the wound of misogyny.
I am triggered but not cowed. F*ck the patriarchy. God be our witness.

Wizened Chilly Gnomes and Inexcusably Flaking Lips

My next post is definitely going to be about showing up as shiny, moisturized, vibrant and beautiful as possible even when it’s brutally cold outside and we feel like chilly, wizened gnomes.

We would ALL like to nestle underneath fleece throws scrolling through Twitter and cursing the vile, hateful man who is currently “serving” as President of the United States, reading mystery novels or stuffing our faces with buttered popcorn while staring blankly at the wall but we may not. We have work to do, a resistance to participate in, the good news to keep preaching, and bedsides to visit (it’s not rude to wear a surgical mask).
We have congregational initiatives that beg our creative and faithful engagement. We have spirits to lift; or if not to lift, at least to companion.

You cannot IMAGINE how sad it makes PeaceBang when she sees clergy showing up all blotchy and draggy, slumping along in enormous snowboots wtih pants tucked sloppily into them, flat, dirty hat hair and FLAKY DRY LIPS.


Here are just a few I collected from around my house and in my purse (I have many others in my desk drawers at home and at church):


Left to Right: Badger Cocoa Butter Lip Balm (Whole Foods); Jack Black Lip Balm (I love this stuff – it has SPF in it! I get it at Sephora or that store with all the smelly soap? What is that joint called?); Sephora scrubby lippy; Sugar by Fresh (pricey, a beautiful splurge, Sephora). Rosebud salve at the top (Sephora).

Folks, this is basic hygiene. When someone looks at your face, they should not see evidence that an adult entrusted with their and their church’s well-being has no idea how to take care of their own face. It’s just sad and even distressing.

Here’s a trick: slather your lips with Vaseline, take a warm, damp washcloth and gently scrub away the flakiness. If you have serious peeling, don’t rub too hard. Do this over a period of days while keeping your lips well-moisturized and don’t let it get that bad moving forward.

P.S. Carmex or any other product with menthol in it is actually adsictive AND drying. Toss that junk!

Long- Wearing Lipstick Reviews

Neutral lips are always chic, but if you can find a bright hue that doesn’t upstage the rest of your features, it can be fun to have a pop of color on your mouth as you minister — especially for social events. Bright lipstick is a statement and one to which you must fully commit! Like MARRIAGE! Remember the guideline: one bold feature at a time. So if you are doing a dramatic eye, keep the lips fairly neutral. If you’re doing a bold lip, keep the rest of your face clean and simple. Remember that bold lippy will look messy and crazy if not applied carefully. It will also highlight flaws in your skin, dark circles and bloodshot eyes, so be aware of that and paint up accordingly.

No one wants to be thinking about reapply their lipstick all the time, so I have thoughtfully purchased and tried some long-wearing formulas so that I might recommend the best to you, mon pigeons!

Here I am, all set for a fundraiser at our local museum and then a legislative action event. It’s absolutely freezing and pouring rain out, so I’m dressed warmly and simply. If it wasn’t raining I would have been wearing something much more interesting, and a skirt instead of pants. Whatever, Mother Nature, you’re a nasty broad right now.

Photo on 4-6-17 at 2.47 PM #4

I really can’t wear red lipsticks — they age me and highlight my jowls, so I like stick with more corally colors. This formula is very light and slips on very easily, so apply carefully (and I recommend a lip liner to help avoid Crazy Bette Davis As Baby June Lips). It doesn’t dry out your lips and actually doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything. It has pretty good staying power. I am wearing Tryst.
Vice Liquid Lipstick Comfort Matte
And here I’m wearing the same formula in Trivial:

Photo on 4-7-17 at 9.45 AM

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 4.40.35 PM

I have topped the long-wearing lippy, which is very bright, with a lipstick by Soap & Glory called Sexy Mother Pucker in Rosy Chic to tone it down a bit.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 4.46.06 PM

Another long-staying lippy whose color I love but which dries out my lips terribly is a very affordable line called ColourPop.
I wore the shade Clueless almost every day this winter.
Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 4.49.02 PM
I think this color could look a little muddy and dead on many complexions, but they have a nice variety of shades to choose from.

Melted Liquid Lipstick by Too Faced is really pretty but definitely not for beginners because it comes in a tube and has an applicator that makes the color a little bit challenging to apply accurately. The colors are highly pigmented and stay on quite well without drying. This is more of a vanity splurge because the packaging is just so cute!I have Peony and a special edition called Melted Chocolate. That color Velvet looks amazing. Someone get that and send me a photo of yourself!

And now off to scrounge up some dinner before tonight’s shindigs. MWAH!

You Give Me Heart


I am at the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly in Columbus, Ohio, which turns out to be a great little convention city with lots of restaurants and good accommodations and a really wonderful market right across from the convention center that sells PIEROGIS, because this is a big city for Polish food. So I feel like my Baba is here feeding me, and that’s comforting.

What else is comforting is being around ministers who, when they say, “How have you been” I can say, “Crummy and depressed, actually” because we don’t have to do small talk. Being able to say that I have been depressed has been an excellent way to realize that I HAVE, in fact, been very depressed. I am quite slow on the up-take sometimes. I have fabulous intuitive witchy powers and intellectual clarity about things way before I know how I’m feeling. I am a slow feelings processor. Isn’t it helpful to have language for these things about ourselves? Such nice ways to say, “I’m a mess!”

Many of us are sponges for the pain of the world and I’m just one of them, and I have been forgetting to let Jesus and God and angels and saints and mostly God run the world and help me deal with the fiery hot waves of rage and despair that come over me too regularly, and it wouldn’t hurt if I didn’t obsessively follow every story of racist injustice and persecution of GLBTQ people and objectification, harassment, rape and murder of women every night, with a side of being objectified and harassed by idiot men on dating sites.

But I am getting my heart back here, surrounded by colleagues and doing good work with other liberal religious people who are in similar pain. At a Communion service last night, we started with a litany of lamentation and I started to have an actual feeling, which was good because I’ve been quite numb since the Orlando massacre.

It occurs to me that my advice about not filling your schedule with too many tasks is more urgent than ever: kids, we need the internal capacity to respond to all the trauma in the world, which seems to be far more constant than ever before in my memory. So make sure you leave space for whatever you need to do inside your heart and soul to keep up with these aggressive, violent, divisive times in our broken little world. Good God, waking up and learning that Britain voted to leave the EU was a massive shock. It’s a collective blow. British colleagues, please check in.

So here I am, feeding off of the energy of the convention, getting bad news in community and therefore bearing it better, and (because life is life) having fun with some purple lipstick that has been kind of fun. It’s Mac liner and lipstick in Heroine, topped with Nyx Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick (stays forevah) in Sway. I have had such joy in meeting more of you and laughing with you, and all the hugs have also been most welcome. I’ll be part of a panel this afternoon at 4:45 as one of the speakers for “Harnessing Wisdom: Bla Bla Bla Universalism” today, stepping in for the Rev. Parisa Parsa who couldn’t make it.

See you soon, on here or there or somewhere, but meanwhile, kiss of peace in purple lippy. MWAH!


Bold Lip, “Bare” Face

For pigeons who love make-up and know the rule One Strong Feature On Your Face At A Time, here is my “bold lip, bare face” look.

Photo on 10-13-15 at 12.05 PM #5

I’m sharing this to remind everyone over the age of Glowing Perfection that the “no other makeup” look is anything but. On my “bare” face I have tinted moisturizer, undereye concealer, lid primer (MAC Painterly), a nude/pink eyeshadow from Urban Decay, mascara and eyebrow pencil to fill in. That’s what polished means: using cosmetics to touch up blotches, bags and absentee features. It doesn’t need to look made-up, just fresh.

P.S. ALWAYS use a lip liner with a bold lip color. It helps it to look clean and not like you just got hit in the face with a paintball.