4 Replies to “Ellos Catalog Review”

  1. Even sick, you provide excellent snark. OMG those horrible patchwork prints! I had a flashback from Target circa 1974, when I loathed them as well. I would have been just getting into babysitter age, and photos from the time shall not be provided, but even I was cooler than that.

  2. And what is up with the size 2 models for some of these garments? Speaking of Target, I have noticed plus-size, or at least larger sized mannequins greeting me as I walk in. Nice, Target – recognizing normal women’s body sizes.

  3. What makes me saddest is that the camera is leveled between the knees and the crotch, so EVERYTHING looks even hippier than it actually is, which is saying something. Any decent photo I’ve even had taken was taken by somebody actually standing up, near human eye height.

  4. They are determined that larger-sized clothes should look ridiculous. This is why I am so glad that I know how to sew; even though I don’t sew everything I wear, if the time ever comes, I can get something that I want instead of this nonsense.

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