Post-Christmas Eve Service Reflection

Whoo boy, did I get sick with the Norovirus last Thursday night! Perfect timing, though (sort of), in that I was through the worst of it by Sunday evening (Christmas Eve). Thanks be to God. How did yours go, gang? Tell horror stories and happy stories in the comments! And if you’re totally collapsed today, who could blame ya? Take good care. Love, PB

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  1. Three services. New appointment. Nobody able or willing to tell me about the local traditions in Christmas Eve services, which you mess with at your own risk. Finally found some old info, planned services, did everything I knew how to do to advertise them (small church). But it went well enough, and no major disasters.
    Needless to say, after that and Christmas Day with the family, I spent today reading books and napping.

  2. I so hope you are feeling better dear PB. It sounds like you were truly blessed by those around you who could support you. We didn’t have a Christmas Day service either, so you’re in good company, but the Christmas Eve service was lovely. I am only (only?!) a lay* person, but I was able to see the thought put into what was a slightly shambolic but Christ-filled service!

    * I originally typed that as “lazy” – do you think that’s Freudian in some way?!

  3. I’m always checking in with you, and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your posts. I serve a Presbyterian church in Monticello Iowa, and it’s a real joy to hear your words and nod along with you. I was so flipping nervous about church on Christmas Eve, I thought I was going to sort of explode with anxiety. But it was okay. My handbells switched keys on Hark the Herald, and the congregation missed it – along with the piano, and I thought it was a disaster. I said, We had candles and all that and people just mumbling and stumbling around. It was awful!
    But Bob said, We’re always mumbling and stumbling around on Christmas Eve. It was great.
    Amen to that.

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