The Opposite Of Wearable: PeaceBang Bangs On ASOS Curve

Honestly, now I’m just really mad. Here is more evidence that whoever is “designing” for plus sized women actually hates us. This isn’t a joke. These garments are absolutely humiliating. They are designed to make women look idiotic or drunk.

Click on images to better see these insults masquerading as clothing:

Look at the hemline on this blinding monstrosity. “Ooops, is that a ruffle falling out of my lady parts?”
Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 4.13.42 PM

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 4.13.24 PM

Madwoman In The Attic, or perhaps just Happy Color Godzilla:
Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 4.15.30 PM

The “Are You Drunk Or Am I?” line to communicate that either you or your clothes can’t think straight, or to suggest that you gave yourself a front wedgie in the bathroom:
Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 4.15.12 PM

One sloppy mess of a shirt wasn’t enough so we stitched two of them together!

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 4.14.20 PM

Suggests prison uniform, but for casual summer prisons for fat women?
Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 4.14.53 PM

Asos Curve, we hold you responsible for these outrages. Stop hating plus size women. We have money to spend and dignity to uphold. This garbage is inexcusable.

4 Replies to “The Opposite Of Wearable: PeaceBang Bangs On ASOS Curve”

  1. PB, you are so right on about this. Catalogue after catalogue, I just shudder and scratch my head thinking, “Whoever thinks this would even look good on us full-figured gals?” So much is horrendously hideous – fabric pattern, style, low cut, too short hemline, straps across neckline, and cold shoulders. Hard pressed to find some basic clothing that works professionally.
    May your voice be heard by manufacturers and retailers!

  2. I kind of like the bird/flower side fastening top, maybe with tights or skinny legged black pants for festive casual? Of course the fabric may be dreadful, but the colors…….at least the bird is off center.


  3. I would have liked it okay too, if not for the ginormous bird that looks like it’s going to peck out the model’s innards like the myth of Prometheus. She looks like she knows it, too.

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