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So many of you have asked about a capsule wardrobe for clergy and Rev. Catherine Healy has answered your prayers. She has written a handy-dandy guide with which I most ardently agree (except for a few little details) and BEST OF ALL, she is planning to launch a new blog on the subject of clergy image and fashion.

My dearest pigeons, PeaceBang has been the lone blogger on clergy image and attire for over ten years, and she is very, very tired. Not tired of speaking to and with colleagues about our work, but tired of feeling pressure to repeat the same messages and finding fresh images to illustrate those points. I feel that it really all is in the archives at this point.

I love writing about the work of ministry and you can’t help but have noticed that my posts in the past couple of years have been far more often on the arts of ministry than on specific on clothing and grooming. All told, I have authored almost 2,900 posts and read and interacted with many thousands of comments. I have answered hundreds of personal e-mails and occasionally picked up the phone to talk you through an interview or important moment.

I am happy to still do this if you want to keep reading, but I am thrilled unto pieces to know that more voices will be part of this conversation. PeaceBang is old now. She will always have an independent on-line ministry of some kind, but she wants to write a book. She wants to combine her two blogs and design one PeaceBang portal for all her readers to access her thoughts and ideas. She wants to do congregational and clergy consulting as time permits. She wants to continue to ministering to ministers. She will always consider herself to be the Stage Mother to clergy.

Above all, of course, she is a parish minister who, right now, is deeply absorbed in a very exciting and challenging time in her congregation, developing a big initiative and also working hard on social justice concerns.

She congratulates Ms. Healy on the start of what she hopes is a brilliant new venture and would like to take her out for coffee, since we live pretty close.

Allons! Kiss of peace, dears. Can I stop referring to myself in third person now? That gets really tiring.

4 Replies to “Rock That Collar: A New Clergy Style Blog”

  1. I am so flattered to be featured here! I’ve long admired Beauty Tips for Ministers and am doubtful I’ll ever be able to fill PeaceBang’s [tasteful but fabulous] shoes, but will do my very best to aim for brilliance.

  2. PB! I will always be happy to read your thoughts as PeaceBang or Rev. Dr. Weinstein. Thank you for this blog.

  3. I am always ready to read what you write. Keep persisting… and dreaming… and mothering. Thank you for your work!

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