Men’s Clothes: Best Deals For Basics?

Gents of the cloth, Emily is asking for her reverend husband: what are you best go-to’s for wardrobe staples? They need to be decently made, of course. And I always like to put in a pitch for American-manufactured.

Best sales? Best stores, on-line or otherwise? Enlighten us, please!

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  1. If you are in the Boston area, check out Simon and Sons in Newton. The owner is a friend, a really good guy who will teach you about shirt/tie/suit combos and will help you find a style that suits you, has clothes that work for all kinds of bufpdgets, and will help you at least look like a professional.
    Fitted dress shirts are important…maybe it’s because I’m oddly shaped, but neck/ sleeves that are measured are far better than S M L sizing.
    I often will just shop j crew and banana republic sales, styley clothes that hold up pretty well for good prices. I got all my summer weight suits, for example, just by buying them off season from J Crew.
    Most important though, and I think Peacebang would back me up, is finding a good tailor. You can have beautiful clothes, but if they’re ill fitting, you just look like you’re wearing your parents’ cloths or trying to jam yourself into the suit you wore a decade ago.

    TLDR shop sales and find a good tailor

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