Your Power

If we had any doubts before that we needed to claim our power and show up looking like we have some, I hope the election of President Trump, leader of the Fourth Reich, will squelch them.

So let’s stop with the fake fights and resistance, my warrior pigeons. These archives of irreverence and support are for you. Read them. Read about self-care. Read why it’s ridiculous to brag about not owning a suit through the lens of what happened in America last night. Read about your comfort, and why it is not nearly as important to be comfy as it is to make an impression that you are somebody to be reckoned with representing an institution that will not cede to representatives like Mike Pence.

Henceforth, my cookies, PeaceBang will be even less self-censored than before (imagine that!) and cuss freely. Swearing is entirely appropriate — it always has been — so cover your delicate ears if you must or let me name the fuckery as I feel called to do. If you feel called to speak in more dulcet tones, I am grateful for your sweetness. My love doesn’t sound sweet. It sounds nasty, because I am a nasty woman.

One thing I urge us not to do is to blame each other. I will be TOTALLY blaming third party voters for as long as I have the breath in me to do so — (YOU FEWLS!) — but I do realize that’s more of a self-indulgent diversion than a worthy endeavor. I’m just licking my paw and I know it.

Get out of bed, take your Xanax, open your doors, be there for your people. Be there with your people. All we have to do is remember that we were made for this. Truth is always something we can work with. You are called to interpret these times for your people through the lens of God’s reality. Let’s have something more solid to give our communities than “God is still in charge.” If you say that, what does that look like? What does it require of us?

Do justice. Love mercy. Walk humbly with our God. Walk fiercely with our Muslim neighbor, our Mexican neighbor (I literally have both), our sister who is unexpectedly and very unhappily pregnant. Show up fiercely for them. Keep hollering that black lives matter and that “all lives matter” is a sorry rejoinder to that necessary cry of resistance. Keep studying, writing, and witnessing. Feed the hungry. Mobilize your communities. Work hard at keeping networks strong. Worship mightily.

Pray for that fascistic, fear-mongering, completely and utterly unprepared sexist, materialistic, predatory, lying, cheating, thieving humorless, narcissistic asshole who just got elected 45th President of the United States.

It couldn’t hurt.

No need to put that pantsuit away forever. Keep it out. Maybe wear it on Sunday.

Everything we have been talking about on here, everything I have been writing to you for ten years had this coming Sunday and moments like it in mind. Tomorrow morning I have a coffee date with Christian and Jewish colleagues. Tomorrow evening I have a community gathering in my city to strategize local justice initiatives. There will be white folks and black and Latinx folks and gay and straight and young and old. Friday night I will be attending a movie about Syria with a diversity group in the town where my church is. There will be Muslims and Christians and Unitarian Universalists and LGBTQ and disabled and men and women and trans people together. All of these gatherings were planned way before Election Day.

My America looks like that and I have seen all of my American reviled and threatened by Trump. I can’t stay in bed, and neither can you. I send you a large mug of coffee, a hug and all of my love. Go be beautiful. Go be powerful.

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  1. Thank you. The shock and disbelief here in the UK are so strong – I can only imagine what it feels like for you all there. I have been asking all day, “what do we do now?” because I am no Dietrich Bonhoeffer and I fear that without action, without resistance, we will end up in a place where Bonhoeffers are needed – or made.
    For me that action needs to be bedded in prayer – we are praying for you all. Praying hard.
    And that action needs to be grown up and taken seriously – because I have a feeling that this is going to take more than another internet petition – which is partly where Beauty Tips comes in.
    But your ministry of clarity of thought, frankness of speech and strength of purpose is far wider than that.
    Thank you for reminding me that this resistance is what we are called to, this is what we have been preparing for, this is what we do.

  2. And Godspeed to all you clergy still in the parishes – I admire you, I am praying for you, I need you, with your help and inspiration we will keep on – and in the words of my late beloved friend Loretta Williams – “in the struggle for justice is the hope”

  3. I am struggling with how to be there with and for my congregation, knowing at least some of them (a minority) voted for DT and are delighted with his win. In addition, I’m furious with third party voters, the white privilege position. The remainder majority of the congregation are like me, in shock. You are absolutely correct that DOING the work of the gospel, living out the knowledge that God is in charge, embracing the glorious diversity of God’s creation, is what will get us through this, yet there are those who don’t see that this is contrary to a Trump worldview.
    [We are all going step by step through the days, hon. I feel so much irritation with the third party voters and Bernie Bros who are whining today. As if this Trump movement would have tolerated a Jewish socialist. Yea, right. I’m not enraged because I’ve been enraged for months and I saw this coming. I was right, and there’s no satisfaction at all in that, but there is no more rage. It happened. Here we are. Keep checking in. We’ll be here for each other. – PB]

  4. Get out of bed and be there. Thanks for these words; this is what I’ve been feeling the last couple days as I’ve been teaching classes like Gender & the Bible to students who are sniffing back tears for an entire 50 minute class period, and sitting in my office with an LGBT student afraid he will never be able to be a father, and hugging young women planning to become ministers who don’t understand how this happened. It was so hard to go to campus on Wednesday, but as soon as I was there I knew it was exactly where I needed to be. Even though I’ve come home both nights and just cried for all the fear and pain I’m seeing in my students.

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