Camera Angles

So I knew I would be on camera today and I set up my camera angles and mis-en-scene last night before bed.

When the time came for the show to air, we had technical difficulties and couldn’t get me to come through visually although my voice was audible. I quickly unplugged my external camera and went to my computer camera, therefore having no chance to adjust angles or background. I was live and answering questions so there was no opportunity to surreptitiously fuss.

As it turns out, the camera angle on my computer is a much wider view than I had planned on, which is why everyone watching the show live or later on YouTube will be able to see the mess of papers and files on the floor of my study.


Learn from my mistakes, darlings! I’m HERE FOR YOU!

Following me on the show was the Rev. Lisa Bovee Kemp, a devoted pigeon here at BTFM. She told a hilarious story about going last minute to an early morning public witness event, throwing on some clothes and her collar and thinking, “This is fine: I just need to show up, I won’t be on camera or anything.” As it happens (as such things do), she wound up with a microphone and a megaphone in hand and on the evening news. Studying her image later she had much cause to gnash her teeth and wail, “AUGH! This isn’t the public image I wanted to put out there! And my pants don’t fit!”

I love that she shared this story as an Object Lesson in the ministry of BTFM. The moral of the story is, “Never assume you won’t make the paper or the evening news!”

MWAH! Be beautiful. xoxo

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