Ministry With A Bang: PeaceBang Event, Portland OR, June 20, 2015

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Ministry With a Bang
June 20
UCC Bridgeport in Portland, Oregon (which I hear is the City of Roses)
4:30- 6:30 PM Presentations

Ministry With A Bang

Part One: Embodied and Emboldened Ministry
How can we bring our full selves to the work of ministry? Victoria will address topics of public image, fashion vs style, and the body as instrument in worship. If you wish a mini-consult, please come wearing an outfit that expresses your ministerial identity. We will be taking volunteers from among the attendees.

Part Two: Social Media and Your Ministry
How do we use social media to connect and to go beyond mere “bulletin board” type informational announcements? We’ll talk about various social media platforms and developing an intentional, strategic congregational/ministerial voice and presence for each one.

6:30 – Chow Down

Can’t wait to meet you, see you, hug you, & etc.

The Church of Broadway: A Minister’s Songbook

So, I could be super critical about this show and say that my vocals are kind of a mess, or I could just share this in the spirit of letting you see what this project turned out to be. Enjoy it, pigeons. It was a different kind of risk to take for me. There are so many risks we have to take as religious leaders. We have to say things that are difficult. We have to retain the “balcony view” down to the dance floor of our ministry settings and report what we see there in a helpful, professional, self-differentiated and pastoral way. We have to equip ourselves with solutions (even if those solutions involve letting things that need to die, die, or leaving things in God’s care) so we can equip others.

We have to show up in scary spaces to witness to God’s love in every space.
We have to challenge ideas and worldviews that are so comfortable to many that they seem to be ultimate Truth, but are nothing but attitudes that need to change and evolve.

And sometimes we choose to take a different kind of risk: to say, “Here am I, here is my story, here is my song. I hope it will inspire you to think about your own story, to share it, and to sing your own song.”

God, I’m getting corny.

It seems appropriate to drop this off with you on my way out of town. I’m actually heading to New York City, where it all began, to join MotherBang for a few days of BRRrRRRROadway before doing a wedding for friends on Friday.

“Sing out, Louise!”

‘Allo! PB on Frequence Protestante Today!

Bonjour, toujours! Or toute! I don’t know! I don’t speak French but I fake it well enough that people in Paris are always extremely wonderful to me when I visit, which I do every chance I get because it is my favorite place on the Earth.

Today’s special joy (joie) then, is that I will be interviewed in about an hour on the ACP Radio Show (American Church in Paris) on Frequence Protestante. You can Google that at around 3pm EST and listen live, or you can just go about your day and have a nice cup of tea around that time, which I would highly recommend.


Today! What Are You Doing On Camera On-Line and Live?

Just in case you happen to see this, we’re going live today at noon EST, for the New Year’s Eve edition of Ten Years Of PeaceBang!

Google Hangouts are fun, kids. Are you using them in your ministry at all? What else are you doing on-line and on camera?
Teaching? Preaching? Let’s share ideas!

For now, though: