Do you hear the sound of PeaceBang grinding her teeth? That’s because she is trying to get some work done during her final night at a beautiful, peaceful retreat center before she heads home in the morning. She had hoped to do some writing in this lovely yellow room but that DOESN’T SEEM TO BE IN GOD’S PLAN FOR HER.

*deep breath*

The reason that doesn’t seem to be in the plan is not the raucous group of licensed pastors-in-training down the hall. There are a lot of them and only one of me and I don’t expect them to be aware of one lone human sharing this enormous facility with them. And truth to tell, while I some of the louder, more screaming outbursts of laughter and conversation have set my teeth on edge, I’ve enjoyed having them here singing praise songs with the guitar. That’s nice.

What isn’t nice is the one guy who whistles everywhere he goes. He whistles non-stop. He has a very high, ear-piercing whistle that has given me a headache and a nervous tic. My only other option is to repair to my lovely room and work there, but I have been here for three days and have spent a great deal of time in my lovely room. I should be able to work in the common areas without having my brain drilled by this guy’s whistling, but I’m too furious to ask him nicely to stop. I tried. I struck up a conversation with him by the coffee and … let’s just say that for a variety of reasons, I decided against seguing into “Say, fella, could you STOP THE BLOODY WHISTLING? You’re PIERCING MY EARDRUMS and it’s making me hate humanity.”

If you are a chronic whistler, please take this as a serious suggestion: stop it. It is piercing, invasive environmental pollution and because whistling is so associated with good cheer, most people will hesitate to ask you to please knock it off. But they’ll want to. After a minute or two believe me, they will really. want. to.

The hospitality at this retreat center has been exemplary. The spiritual direction and environment are unsurpassed. The body work offered was healing and helpful. The room is fantastic and the bed as comfortable as mine at home. The food is unbelievable. Everything here is A+ in every way.
What a shame that Mr. Whistler was so unaware of his irritating habit that he rendered all the common spaces almost uninhabitable for the entire evening and all during his breaks during the day.

There is no need to make a loud, ugly noise trail behind you wherever you go. It’s the aural equivalent of chain smoking indoors.

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  1. SO glad to hear your glowing review of Rolling Ridge! I love that place–and I’m proud that my Conference supports it.The sitting room by the fireplace is a lovely place to hang out, so I’m really sorry you were kept away by an annoying local pastor! But I know that Larry, the director of the center, is concerned for the comfort and well-being of all the guests–maybe a quiet word to him if this ever happens again.

  2. Well, you’re probably wending your way home by now, but if it were me, I would’ve thought seriously about complaining to someone there to get THEM to talk to him. Nobody likes to be a whiner, but it might’ve worked. [I left my feedback with the lovely staff, whom I know to care deeply about the peaceful environment. This was just a particularly rude bunch, I think. They were back for their second retreat together and as I said to one of the staff, “I think they just feel like they’re at grandma’s now when they come here.” It’s not your frat house, people. Pipe down. – PB]

  3. What a shame that such a lovely retreat was marred for you by one person’s habit. Did you mention this to any of the retreat staff? You may have been celebrated by other attendees if Mr. Musical was privately asked to restrict his warbling to his room.

    How could one handle such irritations in the future?

  4. I have a nephew with Asbergers (mild, thankfully) who whistles…..despite many reminders, suggested substitute habits, etc. I honestly don’t think he CAN stop.


    [Believe me, this man was perfectly capable of stopping. But thanks for the reminder. – PB]

  5. Oh dear. I’m afraid I’m a whistler. I am completely unaware of it most times. Sometimes the music just sort of leaks out of my head…

  6. My inlaws are staying with me, and they both do this strange singing/whistling hybrid which involves “dah-de-dahing” and “prum-prum-ing” through every task. it makes me crazy and has for over a dozen years. thanks for a space to vent and affirm that this does indeed make us all CRAZY!!!! 😉

  7. Oh yes! I have had whistling workmates in the past and I appreciated that they were happy and had no idea how annoying it was, but it really does get into my brain, too! Although of course I have my own irritating subconscous habits…

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