PB and Irene

Hi dears,

We’re still without power post-Irene. I’m here at GOOD OLE STARBUCKS (free plug for them because I’m so grateful) charging various electronic devices with all the Captain of Industry types in this affluent neighboring town. They all look so cute in their pinstripes.

Ta for now, darlings. Special note to all who have sent letters in the past few days – I will respond eventually! Hang in there! xooxo PB

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  1. For the next time, the local hospital waiting room is also a really great place to go to charge things. . . they are open and have power. We had an “inland hurricane” come through Southern Illinois two years ago, and many were without power for 5-7 days. . . it was really helpful to pop over there for a bit (did some visiting, as well) — and, there was free wifi there, too!

  2. Very glad to hear you are safe, as well as the kids. It’s times like this when we actually interact face to face, and that’s always a good idea.

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