Lament of the Transitional Sunglasses

Lighting a candle of prayerful solidarity with K. who writes,

I just saw your new post on sunglasses. You didn’t address them, but the ‘transitions’ lenses that change from clear to dark depending on the light sounded like a great idea for someone like me who can’t seem to keep from sitting on her expensive prescription sunglasses every five minutes.

Wow was I wrong. They are the worst thing ever for a clergy person. If the sun is too bright at the door whne I am greeting people after the service, I find myself not able to greet people eye to eye. if I wear them to do a graveside service, they are so dark I look ridiculous and can’t see my notes, either.

Yuck yuck yuck. I will never buy these puppies again. They are a bad idea! (can you feel the passion there? I just had to share!)

We feel the passion, dear. We feel it and we feel the ouch in the wallet department, too, because those suckas are PRICEY. Learn from her, pigeons. Learn and avoid the moment of sheer mortification when you’re standing graveside going, “Dust thou wert, and to dust thou shalt… er, pardon me… return… I think… COULD WE ALL JUST TAKE FIVE WHILE I GET MY REGULAR GLASSES FROM THE CAR?”

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  1. If you have your prescription you can buy them online for lots less. My husband is a retired ophthalmologist and bought some at $39dollar glasses. He says they are great – not a huge selection of frames but good choice. There are some sites that are a bit more with more choice.

  2. Another bummer about the transitions is that they don’t change when you’re in the car (and staring into the sun) because the UV light required to effect the change is largely filtered out by the windshield and windows.

  3. Swimming against the tide, here…I love my new transitions glasses. I often carry the bare minimum of stuff with me, and a second pair of (sun)glasses won’t fit in my little bag. For years I had custom clip-ons, which cost a fortune and frequently went missing. I find I don’t need sunglasses in the car as much as I thought I did, and I keep a pair there just in case. My glasses don’t change if I’m standing in the shade (no problems by the church door). I kept my old glasses for graveside services. So…a vote in favor, with qualifications!

  4. Is it not possible to indicate the degree to which you’d like your Transitions to change color when you order them? I could choose between brown and black dark shades, but I wonder if there’s a way to make them get less dark.

    I wouldn’t consider transitions glasses turning colors at a graveside service to be inappropriate. The graveside services I have been to have all been under a sort of canopy, anyway, and Transitions don’t turn color in shade as Karen mentioned.

    I think I would prefer a minister’s eyes to be comfortable behind some kind of shades (not necessarily the large Jackie-O glasses; maybe even a half-tinted pair of glasses) than have him or her squinting the whole time.

  5. Agreed – not liking them. My husband has them – thought they might solve the whole having to carry two pairs of glasses dilemma – but he finds them annoying. Next time, he’s going back to regular glasses.

    And a funny story. My father-in-law has a pair. Wore them for our wedding. At pictures after – outside – his glasses were dark for every one. He felt bad after because you can’t see his eyes in any of the outside pictures. He says if he’d realized it, he would have taken them off. Oh well… he just looks mysterious 🙂

  6. I think they look a bit dodgy when they’re always kind of grey inside. You can get lighter ones, but still, I think it’s a no.

    (Then again, I don’t have to juggle prescription lenses and sunglasses, so ask me later when I probably will…)

  7. Agreed. I HATE mine. HATE them. It’s like having two dark blotches on my face 80% of the time. The worst part is that they are rarely all-sunglasses or all-clear; mostly they are strangely shaded, looking like those horrid tinted lenses so popular in the 70’s. Especially unflattering on women; they age me by about 40 years. Talk about a fashion DON’T! The lack of eye contact is TERRIBLE for ministry, and not only at graveside services. I’m so frustrated with them that I’m swallowing the financial loss and replacing the lenses this week.

  8. For most situations, I like my transitions. However, when I served in a colonial style church with large clear windows, I had to be careful where I sat or stood. When the light came through on only one side, I had times where only one lens was shaded … or even half a lens. Most disconcerting!

  9. After whining here (and on my fb page) I finally got a small windfall and got some sleek Ray-Bans. I was ready to plunk down the extra cash for the super-cool wrap-arounds, but they couldn’t make the curved lenses in my super-near-sighted scrip. These are cool enough, though. One more cautionary tip: if you go somewhere like Lens Crafters, you are not paying for skilled people helping you. Thus, no one told me that the frames I picked out were a bit too wide for my face (they stick out a good half-inch on either side when held up to my regular eyeglasses). I didn’t worry about it when trying them on because I’ve always bought eyeglass frames that were measured and then sized for me.

  10. OK, friends, I thought I’d follow up on my post of last night. This little exchange caused me to realize that I have actually felt disfigured by my transitional lenses — perpetually shadowed and shadowy.I always look like I’m about to knock off a 7-11. So this morning, I marched myself into For Eyes and plunked down a wad of money I probably couldn’t afford to exchange these &^%$! transitional lenses to clear ones. I feel liberated, if significantly more cash-poor. Thanks you, PB and sisters and brothers. I feel like Paul: the scales have fallen from my eyes!

  11. Just found this blog, so late to post on this thread. Oh, happy day when I found small, small, small tortoise shell sunglasses that fit over my regular glasses. Friends actually asked me when I stopped wearing glasses and got contacts because they loved my new sunglasses. $20 at CVS! [Welcome, Tex! Send photos! – PB]

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