Look Book: Boho Victorian Chic

I adore this look. It’s not for me, but it’s a great option for clergywomen, as its both lady-like and super cool. Boho Victorian is hot right now because of movies like “Alice in Wonderland,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Twilight,” and “The King’s Speech” (which is Edwardian but has many similar elements). Look for lace, high necks, long skirts, buttoned boots, cameos, spidery crochet and lots of Romance. Jackets are particularly fabulous in this style.

As always, when you’re looking at a runway look, you’re seeing a high-fashion statement, not something people wear everyday. You look for shapes, pieces. That first long jacket is gorgeous and would look amazing with dressy jeans and a black riding boot and a simple t-shirt.

This is the sort of vintage piece you can sometimes score in great little shops. I’m not sure how I would style this for a client. Maybe with a pencil skirt, tights and chunky pumps. Hair up in a loose knot. For a more formal event, trousers and low chignon. No woman with a bare face or wash-and-go generic hair should wear something like this. It has to be someone pretty striking.

Another killa coat.

Vintage shoes.

Just great.

And two bonus photos just for fun and beauty, Madonna in a 1992 Vogue working an awesome Boho Victorian Chic look:

The first person who thinks I’m suggesting these looks for clergy and gets all outraged about it has to send me a $100 gift certificate to Sephora. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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  1. You know, I bought me a blouse with a ruffled stand-up collar (not big and flouncy or lacy frou-frou) in part because it reminded me of a blouse I wore with my preaching gown when I was a newbie and I always liked the way it looked. But alas, even though it was an updated version (v-neck as opposed to the 80’s buttoned up to the chin version), I feel like grammy frump in it. I think you have to be young or exceedingly angular to wear granny chic and I am aging and rounded…

  2. I think that’s sort of true. It’s a hard look to pull off when you’re a round girl.

  3. I must be on trend, then. I just refashioned a high-collared linen and lace blouse from the 1970s. The high collar had to go because it made me claustrophobic, so now the blouse has a wide scoop neck, and I cut off the stained sleeves (too short for my arms) to elbow length. I wear it with a high-waisted circle skirt, cincher belt, and tall boots.

  4. Maybe if the decoration camouflaging Madonna’s nipples was in seasonally correct liturgical colours…

    OK, OK, I was joking. But while I’m being silly, “The King’s Speech” wasn’t Edwardian unless you mean Edward-the-Eighth-ian.

  5. Loris–That sounds like a great outfit! And refashioning? Terrific. I wish I were more interested in teaching myself how to sew. :-/

    Great post. I love these clothes, and never would have guessed that PB would be able to find something work appropriate about a non-runway version of them :-). Thanks for the reminder that dramatic clothing can make a bare face and plain hair disappear.

    No thank you for the shoe lust those black and brown shoes inspire, though…. 😉

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