Colorful Librarian Look

Navy cardigan with Old Navy floral scarf in bow at neck. Objective: to keep my neck warm because I have bronchitis.

Long cotton skirt with oxfords and socks. Objective: comfort and warmth after week in bed with flu and cough:

Comfort level = sweatshirt and jeans, or even pajamas.
Colorful and fun level = much higher.

4 Replies to “Colorful Librarian Look”

  1. I wore something very similar yesterday. The long knit maxi skirt is perfect for, “Oh God, I can’t believe it’s snowing in April kinds of days”. I couldn’t have been comfier. [I know… this was my first full day back at the office and I just wanted to be comfy but not entirely pathetic. – PB]

  2. *Love* the shoes! Hope you’re feeling back to 100% as soon as poss. Be gentle with yourself as you recover… 🙂

  3. “Comfy but not entirely pathetic” is the look I’m going for these days as well. I broke my ankle a few weeks ago, and dressing for work is a challenge! [Aw, hon!! So sorry to hear that!! I’ve been there, and it’s no fun. Heal fast! – PB]

  4. LOVE the shoes and I am coveting them! Where did you get them? [Fluevogs, darling! They’re my true indulgence!- PB]

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