New Shoe Lust (Fluevogs, Of Course)

So, okay, which of these could I ostensibly justify as a graduation gift to myself?

I feel that I might NEED THOSE to go with my beautiful ivory preaching robe that a dear parishioner is making for me out of an Art Deco-ish antique tablecloth given as a gift by another dear parishioner. And don’t these seem like the most amazing go-to shoes to wear for weddings? They’re very sort-of Circuit Rider Preacher Lady to me.

Or maybe these,

I think the first pair are beyond gorgeous but I have a really short instep and t-straps are often too long on me.

12 Replies to “New Shoe Lust (Fluevogs, Of Course)”

  1. Well, you could justify any of them, but I think the second one is kind of meh for a Fluevog. My votes, in order, are 1, 4 and 3. But if you asked me tomorrow, I might say 1, 3 and 4.

  2. Oh lovely! I prefer number one and three…. number two (although lovely) are a bit clunky for my liking…

    But to be fair they are all things of beauty! I just wonder if they would have the same effect as those pesky gladiator shoes had – and cut of my leg at the worst part and make the calves look bigger? I don’t know…..
    But they are gorgeous aren’t they!

    Treat yourself! You deserve it…

  3. No 1 and no 4…no 2 is very clumpy and heavy-looking and I don’t like no 3 anyway.

    Just my 2p worth – wish we could get Fluevogs in the UK.

  4. I like the first pair the best, but I would be curious to see all of them on a foot, in the context of a leg to really get an idea of how they work 😀

  5. I think those last ones are just so graceful and gorgeous… and if you have an ivory Art Deco wedding robe? HEAVENS, you NEED those shoes.

    Congratulations again, by the way. 😀

  6. I would definitely pick #4. So elegant and sophisticated! And #3 are my least favorite by a country mile.

  7. The first pair are totally gorgeous! The second pair look like hooves so they would be my last choice. If the t-straps from #1 won’t work, #4 are also lovely.

    Good for you for treating yourself for your hard work!

  8. The first ones. I can see why a lot of people like the fourth ones but then when I look at them I see a boot with nothing around the heel and that looks weird to me.

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