Skype, Part Deux

SUCH great and helpful comments in the previous post, dear ones! Funny stuff, too!

Here’s a photo from one of us setting up for the process: check out the jerry-rigged “set!” LOL!

[That’s her buddy’s face on the screen, helping her prep. What a good pal!]

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  1. So, PB… I used Skype professionally for the first time today. (Can see younger colleagues rolling their eyes, but hey, I’m in my late 50’s!) I have ben asked to marry a young Canadian couple currently living temporarily in Thailand. So we Skyped to see if the chemistry would work between us, and talked about their hopes and dreams for the ceremony. We’ll do the marraige prep both in person, when they’re in Canada later in the fall, and by Skype. I have to say that this article from ages ago was in the back of my mind, and I found the tips to be really helpful. Many thanks.

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