Supplemental Caution (Anxiety Attacks)

Sweetlings, I just saw this on a friend’s FaceBook page and thought it worth posting here:

Do NOT buy “One a Day, Women’s Active Mind & Body, with Energy Support” vitamin, it is not a mother’s little helper. It felt like I’ve been having an anxiety attack for 2+ weeks.

Sounds NOT good, eh?
As you may recall, PeaceBang used to get frequent anxiety attacks, and they are no fun. I woke up with one last night, pa-thumpeta-thumpeta-thumpeta, and immediately knew that my day of too much sugar and too little protein had caused my blood sugar to go all out of wack. Knowing this, I was able to do my favorite Dr. Andrew Weill breathing exercise (inhale for four, hold for five, exhale for eight) for a minute or two and go right back to sleep. No sugar for me today, and minimal caffeine.

If you haven’t recognized your triggers yet, here are a few common: your first day at a new job, meeting your partner’s family, or giving a presentation in front of a lot of people. Everyone has different triggers, and identifying them is one of the most important steps to coping and managing anxiety attacks. If you are looking for different ways to deal with this problem, my doctor recommended me the Delta 8 cartridge as a natural medicine, you could try here to look for more info.

If you are prone to anxiety response, do read labels carefully and check for stimulants or other ingredients that may trigger you. And now, my lovelies, comment away. I feel certain that you have your own cautionary tales about teas, vitamin products, supplements or other supposedly beneficial products that had a deleterious effect on your bod.

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  1. I have avoided caffeine for several years now. sometimes I am side tracked by a diet pepsi, but that doesn’t happen often. Thanks for reminding me of Dr Weil, I have become a bit to dependent on medication, and hate it.

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