Don’t Let Them Fool You

Why do some models have to look like they’re about to pull out a gun and shoot a girl?


Or they just look sloppy? I mean, would you ever stand around like this? Do you notice how the length of the skirt is terribly unflattering?


This pants model is doing a great version of the International Stance Of “I Really Have To Go To The Bathroom:”


And this gal is so contorted that I wince just looking at her:


What she’s trying to do is create the illusion of a waist in that horrible top. Poor dear.

But you wouldn’t be fooled, would you? None of these garments except the first one are worth your time, no matter how “creatively” the photographers pose the models.

2 Replies to “Don’t Let Them Fool You”

  1. ROFL. It drives me nuts how contorted models are on some websites. I usually browse a store’s site before venturing into one to try on clothing. I can hardly recognize the clothing in the store when compared to what’s shown on a model. Thankfully, it usually looks better in the store.

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