PB Loves New Revlon Lippy!!!

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a number of years know that PeaceBang LOVES LOVES LOVES Color Girl Outlast All Day lipstick in blush pearl — a perfect neutral that (*sob*) is now off the market.

While I did hoard the product, I am getting down to my last supplies. It is with great relief that I can tell you that I FOUND SOMETHING I LIKE ALMOST AS MUCH. No, it’s not as absolutely perfect as the Outlast All Day all-time favorite, but it’ll do, Pig, it’ll do.*

Ladies, PeaceBang is very happy to promote Revlon’s new ColorStay Ultimate Lipcolor.


This formula is a little tricky to apply because it’s a lot more liquidy than other formulas that I like. However, the result is a lighter feel on the lips and also less drying.
This stuff comes in 20 really pretty colors (some of those all-day lippies come in really garish hues! I think it’s hard to formulate a pretty color that doesn’t rub right off). At about $10, it won’t break your bank (and CVS is having a buy one-get one free sale now!).

I purchased Best Bubble for a neutral (similar to Blush Pearl Outlast All Day) and Grand Garnet for a more dramatic red, which I just LOVE for a bright pop of color. As I said, the formula is more sheer, so I avoid the Joan Crawford look even with the brighter red. I am just way too old for a waxy, heavy red mouth, kids, and any red with a bluish tint to it makes me look like the Walking Dead. This Garnet is super pretty, but there are lots of other shades to chose from, including some pretty lilac tones (another great way to assure that I look like a zombie, but you might look stunning in it!).

The product lasted all day and came off easily with a gob of Vaseline and a tissue.

*Remember that line from the movie “Babe?” Remember how cute that movie was? The little singing mice at the start of every scene? “BAH, RAM, EWE.” I think it’s time to see “Babe” again.

7 Replies to “PB Loves New Revlon Lippy!!!”

  1. Oooooooo, I love this formula. It really does feel better on the lips than other all day types. It lasts all day without wearing off around the edges leaving you looking strangely pucker-mouthed.

    The only complaint is that the Prized Peach is much pinker on than in the tube. I’ll try the Best Bubble. Thanks

  2. As someone equally traumatized by the demise of Outlast, I’m glad to hear of a possible replacement! I can also recommend Almay’s Truly Lasting All Day lipcolor in raisinette (for this dark-haired, pale-skinned girl). Great for every day.

  3. I need to try some of this. I wear the revlon version of the two-ended tube in bare minimum, but it isn’t really enough color for most occasions. I looked at the garnet color but it looked sort of bright. Since you say it is relatively sheer I may give it a try.

    On another note, I’ve discovered that my hair is really dark blonde now, not light brown, and that I look better in cooler colors than I used to. (let’s just say I wear a lot of brown normally) Is that normal with age? I went to a new hairstylist who diagnosed the problem with my hair and I bought a blue shirt the other day and it was like I went to the spa for a week. It is sort of freaking me out. I have no idea what colors of make up work for me now.

  4. I’ve tried these all day lipsticks, but take half of my lip off trying to remove them. How in the world do you get them off?

  5. I use Vaseline and a washcloth — or a wonderful scrubby little menthol lip buffer by CO Bigelow.

  6. While I appreciate the tips, and share the author’s love of this lipstick, I just want to point out that pink shades are not “neutral” on all of us.
    [True… thanks. But when I find a shade that I call neutral I really do try to consider a broad spectrum of skin colors. I always appreciative of recommendations from everyone out there… I’m a very “pink” white girl.- PB]

  7. I love this stuff! I got it in Tulip (coral pink) and garnet. Both colors are great and it stays on fabulously. I’m so psyched to have a flattering red lipcolor that I don’t have to think too much about during the day.

    the sheerness of the colors does make them more workable for various skintones, which is a vast improvement on the other long lasting but much more opaque stuff.

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