Playing Fairy Godmother

Chalice Chick is going to the Inauguration in January and she’s wearing this dress.

She’s not a minister but she reads this blog and just because it’s so much fun, we’re going to talk accessories, hair, make-up and shoes.

Having just cancelled cable TV and suspended my telephone service for Jan-February, I have gotten myself into a pre-sabbatical manic hysteria of excitement and can’t concentrate on finishing Christmas Eve Order of Service preparations until I’ve calmed down (let alone Dec. 28 OS, which I should also complete by tomorrow or Thursday). So let me say at the start that if it was me in this dress, I would add elbow-length vintage gloves, a sassy little hat, and wear shoe-booties (see below for the shoes I wind up choosing).

I see CC with a wavy, casual up-do and a bit of bling at the wrist.
Here’s a smoky topaz bracelet that I actually kind of like, which is .99 on e-bay, and who doesn’t love that price?
smoky topaz bracelet

And then, for something totally different but very much in fitting with CC’s goth girl tendencies, there’s this wild thang, at a much higher $549. But you see the idea we’re considering here:
smoky topaz cuff

Shoes? Why not have some FUN!?


Chalice Chick is young — she should not make the mistake of wearing staid shoes for such a festive affair– and one which represents the achievement of a younger generation.

stuart w
How about something like these Stuart Weitzman beauties? I think they’re GORGE.

These interesting shoes by Nina even look comfortable enough to dance in… and you know what? They’ve now become my first choice. I’d put a thin comfort insole in them and dance like a Maenad.
nina bronze

She’ll need a little clutch bag… let’s not get too matchy-matchy… something in a blue tone might do, or a slightly smoky metallic… (you don’t want competing metallics, though… I would carry my bright little silver chain bag because the Nina shoes would go great with the whole thing — call if you want to borrow it, CC).

Given her coloring, I think she should avoid the cliched bronzey make-up women always think they should wear with brown. I’d do a really smoky eye with fake lashes, a very pink cheek and a neutral, very shiny lip (S., I SO WISH I could do your make-up that night!). Neutral nails, and short.

Earrings, earrings… well, that depends on whether she’ll go with a bracelet or not, and if so, what style she’ll choose. Another fun option would be an absolutely enormous cocktail ring, and I might have just the perfect one (gold with huge purple jewel is one choice, but there are others).

Looking at that dress again, I realize I have the perfect shoes for it. What size do you wear, CC?

11 Replies to “Playing Fairy Godmother”

  1. The dress is gorgeous! The bracelet is beautiful. The shoe selections are divine. Do NOT wear a “sassy hat,” you’ll look ridiculous!

  2. That is a beautiful dress. I could wear that dress. I would like to have that dress. If it weren’t sold out I might already have ordered it. Then, when it came, I would have two dresses.

  3. Peacebang, I love ya, but I have to agree with K. No to the hat with this one!

    enjoy your sabbatical!

  4. Girls, I’m not saying that CC should wear gloves and a hat, I’m saying that *I* would wear gloves and a hat. And believe me, I would make it work. Actually, I’d wear a fascinator, not a hat. But I’d also be in a suit with a peplum jacket, a tulip skirt and an ankle-strap heel, now that I think of it. Sort of Your Crazy Aunt Meets Rosalind Russell. I look really bad in dresses, and my upper arms are too jiggly to rock such short sleeves. I LOVE dressy suits, however.

  5. Shoe-wise, I’m a 8.5.

    And I look weird in hats, but think PB could pull it off.

    And this thread’s mere existance is making a crap week better.

    Thank you all!


  6. what about a bright pink (like fuschia) wrap/pashmina? It would totally alter the jewelry ideas, but it would brighten everything up.

  7. That dress is awesome – I love the back, too. It’s all sold out, otherwise I’d buy one! I live so far away from CC, we’ll never run into each other wearing the same dress.

    I like the idea of a blue clutch with it – yes! And there is some item of clothing called a “fascinator?” What?

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