How To Washa Da Face, And Tinted Moisturizer Question

An adorable seminarian writes,

A few days ago, I saw online an article that said that we should ‘soap’ our faces for 30 secs to 60 secs to be sure that we have dissolved the dirt particles as I remember the article. Any comments?

The other thing from the same article was to use my regular moisturizer before I use a tinted one. The rationale was that a regular moisturizer was need before a tinted moisturizer so that the tinted one did not over emphasize the drier areas of my skin with too much tint there. Well, something like that.

True? Not true? Maybe?

I have never heard of a tinted moisturizer previously so I don’t know where to look for it. Can you also offer any help there?

a second year seminarian

p.s. with little or no money

Dear Teri,

Yes, if you want to get the best cleansing, moisturizing purifying, age-defying, beautifying, miracle-performing, etc. and moisturizing benefits from your facial cleanser, it is a good idea to tie your hair back, wet your face with some warm water, apply the product, turn off the water, and work that cleanser into your face well and carefully (don’t forget to clean all the way out to the hairline and under the jaw where pores can get blocked and little blemishes form) before you rinse.

If you’re exfoliating regularly, you shouldn’t have any dry patches that tinted moisturizer can “stick to” but if you do, use a more emollient moisturizer for day, let it absorb for a few minutes while you get dressed, and then use the tinted product on the top. Make-ups that call themselves “tinted moisturizers” vary a lot in how well they moisturize and how much coverage they provide. Many of them are just very lightweight base make-up that doesn’t offer enough moisture for dry skin types. Also, Teri, always remember to use an SPF product under make-up, even if the make-up claims to contain it!

Kiss of peace, PB

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  1. Dear Teri and PB

    A few years ago I bit the bullet and added “foundation” to my very minimal routine by investing in Stila tinted moisturizer at Sephora. It’s expensive (in my books) but lasts me months because I use very little. I put on my usual moisturizer (L’Oreal, I think), then the tinted variety (both of which are SPF products). I’ve tried once or twice to use just the tinted one, but on its own it doesn’t glide on and give me the almost sheer coverage I want. I know “sheer coverage” sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s not: it’s just enough to even things out, but not so much as to be heavy, cakey, or remotely mask-like. Without the regular moisturizer on first I would need to use much more of the expensive stuff, and it would feel heavier than I want. And, as you say, it would not offer the actual *moisture* that my skin needs.

    I believe there are many tinted moisturizers at drug stores too.

  2. I live in England, and love Boots Botanicals tinted moisturiser. It’s available at Target (I’m originally from the US, and visit family there). Probably set you back about $7-8 for a tube that will last for about 4 months, which is not too bad. Light, non-greasy, and gives just enough coverage to even your skin tone, but not look cakey or orange–ever.

  3. I’m a huge products-user and normally use Mac (cosmetics) and Chanel. I’m very picky and particular about what I use on my face. It has to be outstanding, or I just won’t use it. I have tubs of unused cosmetics and creams all which I have not liked for one reason or another.

    I received this “[PB deleted]” VITAMIN ENHANCED MOISTURIZER as a gift. I was expecting another product that I would be adding to my ‘don’t like’ pile. Boy was I wrong! From the second I opened the jar with the beautiful lid — it made that wonderful ‘swisshhhing’ sound when it opened.

    When I put the cream on my face I was expecting it to be greasy and it wasn’t at all! There is an amazing skin-tightening and smoothing effect this cream has. As soon as I put it on, it sank in my skin, and my skin felt dewy and like a babies skin. I think the combination of anti-oxidants & skin firming really are a miracle in a bottle.

    My husband told me the next day my skin looked incredible. When I looked at my reflection in the mirror close-up, it has a look now of smooth-glass. My big pores are diminished and it looks almost airbrushed.

    I LOVE THIS CREAM! I will buy the [BRAND X] forever! I’m 34 and plan on using this to keep the wrinkles and lines at bay.

    [Oh, Naomi, how stupid do you think PeaceBang is?? Like I’m going to include this blatant advertising on this blog! – PB]

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