Batik! The Musical

Hola darlins!!

I am here in Portland, OR and heading to my room for a nap before meeting some Reverend Chicks for dinner and an outing to {{{Enter angelic music}}} Powell’s Books.

So far, I must report that the colleagues are looking much more professional this year!
I’m just concerned that so many of us seem to be glowing with a kind of preternatural exhaustion and luminescent complexions that, in an earlier era, bespoke a penchant for pinches of arsenic.

Give me a day or two and I’ll be running around with Pastoral Bronzer dusting up the palest among us.

The biggest bloopers in the clothing department thus far seem to involve BATIK garments, which I think are supposed to impart a kind of creative, goddessy vibe but unfortunately read more as Flower Child. I saw one batik poncho with highly visible bra straps and one batik jumper with a seat so tight it will take all PeaceBang’s willpower not to follow worriedly after the wearer of said jumpsuit with needle and thread, safety pins, or a modesty sheet.

Tomorrow: fanny pack patrol!

6 Replies to “Batik! The Musical”

  1. Oh I just HATE fanny packs! But also hate to have my hands full. Purses are a constant struggle for me. I simply cannot find something I like.

  2. Have a fantabulous time, and for those of us who might be venturing to Portland soon, let us know where the good restaurants are.

  3. I have seen too many fanny packs at this conference. My favorite (it walked by about 15 minutes ago) was being worn SO high above its owners waist, I was not sure what it was at first. This queen of packs included two SIDE fanny pack pockets for an extra sporty look (and room for all those free pens and give aways, so popular at GA)….

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