Preliminary Report from Nashville

Hola, friends!

PeaceBang got home from Nashville at 1:15 AM with extremely burning and bleary eyes and a whoppah of a head cold. She doesn’t have time or energy right now to speak at length about the Festival of Homiletics, but she just wants to send one personal message to the young male clergydude who was wearing a tie-dye teeshirt in the most garish shades of orange and blue, shorts and bright orange Crocs:

Sweetheart, Jesus wants you for a sunbeam, not an acid trip.

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  1. If you go to the UU church in Nashville, I’d love to hear your thoughts. We are planning on relocating there in a few years. And we are as of yet a tad too poor too visit and scope the place out.

  2. Peacebang,

    That may just be one of the best lines ever. Thanks for my laugh of the week!

  3. FYI~I have begun the discussion on my own blog of the connection between spiritual and physical health. It’s a wide reaching discussion, in parts under the label “body image.” And I did a little digression today regarding UUism and the divine feminine. That’s not fully formed yet, but there it is in black and white! A beginning, for sure.

    Anyway, I’d welcome comments on the body image bits.

    Glad you had fun in Nashville. oh, BTW, Elizabeth, my supervising minister was the minister at Nashville for many years, and from what I’ve heard, it’s a wonderful congregation with a complicated history (as they all have, I believe). good things.

  4. LOL!!!!!!! about the Jesus wants your for a sunbeam. In CPE when we inters would get on each others nerves (which was quite often) we’d look at eachother and say “Jesus wants you for a sunbeam.”

  5. I have been SUFFERING from crazy allergies and sniffling and just was generally feeling like my head is going to blow up but this entry about crocs and ties and Sunbeams for Jesus not acid trips made me LOL out of my chair. Thank you for the endorphin lift and allergy relief!

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