PeaceBang At The Festival Of Homiletics

Hi dears,

I will be reveling in the fabulousness of people like Barbara Brown Taylor, Fred Craddock and the members of Sweet Honey In The Rock in Nashville this week at the Festival of Homiletics.

I hope to keep up with comments from the hotel computer, and new, pre-authored posts will appear on the PeaceBang Blog daily. I will be taking notes on clergy image and taking photos of willing conferees during the week and will blog upon my return.

I myself badly need a haircut and am heading upstairs to pack because there’s not a blessed thing I can do about that right now.

Kiss of peace,

P.S. I feel a psychic sense that some of you will be wanting to buy me a gift for the tenth anniversary of my ordination on June 14th. What a lovely thought. But really, you shouldn’t.

4 Replies to “PeaceBang At The Festival Of Homiletics”

  1. Oh, you are so nice to give us a chance to celebrate your anniversary of reverend-ness. When I clicked on your wish list it went to… my wish list! (I kept thinking, “Wow, PB and I have such similar taste in books!)

    I don’t know if there’s a way to make a direct link to your wish list, but right now your wish list can only be found by searching the wish lists for PeaceBang.

    Happy 10th anniversary of ordination!

  2. If you’re staying the whole time, PLEASE send a report on Rev. Vashti Murphy McKenzie. I sooooo want to meet her and have always admired her style from afar.

  3. Sarah, how funny! I can’ believe you actually checked!

    I guess people with their own wish lists get linked to their own if they’re signed into their own computers, if that makes sense.

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