Practicing Safe Socks

Darlings! What a reason for joy!

When the weather turns chilly, PeaceBang knows a few things: she knows that her 20-30 minute refresher naps will become 1-2 hour Winter Bear naps. She knows that it’s time to get out the neti pot. She knows that she better get those tulip bulbs planted. And she knows that it is Socks Season, which she hates a lot because socks are either flimsy and short and squish down in her boots, or they are icky nylon trouser socks that make her feet sweat, or they are warm knee socks that don’t quite pull up over her chubby calves. Or, worst of all, they are icky nylon knee-high style that cuts off her circulation.

In short, socks are ugly and icky fabric and don’t fit and are a necessary bummer. Boo for socks!

Until now. Imagine PB’s thrill when she decided to Google “plus sized socks” and found Sock Dreams, a Portland, Oregon based company that sells cute, comfortable, well-made and even SEXY socks for gals like her!

There are LOTS of lovely styles to choose from but I will just highlight a few of my favorites.

These are OTK (over the knee) socks that will be wonderfully warm and cute with pants or skirts. They would be fabulous over tights on the coldest days. Texture and color are so much appreciated this time of year.

Now, you wouldn’t wear these styled like this photo with the top visible, but these socks are beautiful with a pair of boots or heels and they won’t cut into broader calves. Halleloo!

Again, leave the visible thigh option for your day off or vacation — that’s too risque for a minister — but I bought this OTK style and let me tell you, honey, HEAVEN. I got them in black and deep purple. They just feel so good. No sweaty feet. No itchy skin. No binding at the calf. No marks when I take them off.


These are adorable. Warmth, texture, color, style! Again, you don’t want to show any thigh action while you’re on the job, but these would be great with a skirt or dress and boots. They’re a way to bring some visual interest to an otherwise plain outfit of solids — or feel free to mix patterns and textures.



I got these sexy mamas. Not that 99% of my personal population will ever know those buttons are there.


As always, PeaceBang is not a secret paid promoter of any brand she hawks. Sock Dreams isn’t giving me coupons or discounts or hot chocolate or anything for this post. I mean, they’re certainly WELCOME to, but I share this information with my pigeons for the sheer sockaliciousness of it. They sell regular sizes, too, for men and women.

Get A Waist!

Just a little photo pictorial on waistlines, dear ones. As in, if you’re “curvy” or “fat” or “a woman who has a body,” wearing garments that have a waist is always going to be a better idea than wearing unstructured ones. Mira, queridas. Here’s me one morning trying to style my outfit. That’s a loud print skirt so I wanted to balance it with clunky shoes and a solid top. I’m all about the layers and hardly own any short-sleeved shirts (I hate button-ups, T-shirts are too sloppy and clingy, non-cotton shirts depress me, etc.) I tried a few options. Click on the photos to enlarge.

Option #1: sweater with shawl neckline. Ehn. Bad color and too hot. It’s coming off.


Option 2: White linen jacket. Comfortable, breathes well, swingy and non-binding. But makes me look and feel frumpy and enormous. Sad face. Well, what do I expect? It’s shaped like a square: why wouldn’t it make anyone LOOK like a square?


Now I’m happy because I have a waist. Waists are good! Yay! Not so psyched to iron the jacket, but that’s the sacrifice that must be made.
When it gets cooler out I will wear this outfit with a sleeveless white blouse under the jacket so I can frame my face with the crisp white collar.


I knew you’d like to see the Fluevogs close-up. I invest in Fluevogs because I adore the designs and think of them as wearable art, but also because John Fluevog’s heels are the only ones I consider substantial enough to work proportionately with my short, bosomy size 20 bod and skinny legs + tinsy beensy feet. It’s a thing.


COTD: Comment Of The Day

Julie P just contributed a very helpful comment for plus-sized ladies! THANKS, JULIE!!

Goodness, I haven’t shopped at a Target in 2008 but I’m not surprised to hear that they don’t have much in the way of suitable dresses.

I’m a plus sized gal (size 20ish) and I love the dresses from Lands End, ASOS and the best kept secret on the internet Ladies, go forth and find yourself a tape measure and a large glass of something slightly intoxicating (red wine, chocolate milk) and take your measurements. One can have a dress made to your specific measurements (or you can confirm your size) AND you can make modifications to nearly any dress on offer. The price for this custom dress is a mere $8 in addition to the very reasonable prices.

A few tips… with Lands End, the dresses are 0X, 1X, 2X, 3X and generously sized. (I wear a 1X in almost all dresses.) ASOS dresses run really big so go down one size. ASOS pants are almost a full size too small. Odd, but it anyhoo…

I have probably 30 dresses in my rotation. I’m the Executive Director of a nonprofit organization and I do a lot of media, public speaking and training so I have to be somewhat pulled together – dresses make that possible. (I might add that leggings make outstanding tights when the temperatures dip below 10.)

Beyond the Black Suit: Two Case Studies

Hi DOLLS!! How ya doon?

Lift every voice and SING! Boy, I’ll tell you something: that is one hard song to sing, but it works like a shot of adrenalin to the heart and soul. Have you ever been in a huge gathering in a huge church singing it while someone just POUNDS on a magnificent organ? I did once and I thought I was going to have the big one and keel over and die right then and there. Glorious.

So, it is the great Martin’s weekend where we remember him and quote him and remember the man he was and the minister he was, and some of us think about how we bet he worried about how his pants didn’t fit him when he got too chubby, just like we all do.

I had a couple of events to go to over the past few days that had me reaching into my closet for my usual black suit with silk blouse ensemble that is my go-to for public events. The challenge for me is to find little ways to make such a traditional outfit somewhat creative — and for me, that’s all in the details.

For the first event, I was Emcee rather than Rev. and I wanted to have fun. The thing is, the fun things in my closet are few and far between and are more for theatre cast parties than for public ministry. As I was getting dressed, though, and thinking about the setting and the occasion, it came to me: DUH! CHURCH HAT!!!!!!! Of course! And I knew just the one. I had met a fantastic African-American milliner this summer at an art show and fallen in love with one of her creations and purchased it. I had never worn it, but a church concert for Dr. King seemed the perfect opportunity. It would allow me to be easily identified by the many choirs participating in the concert and give me a little bit of Emcee flair.

Black blazer, black trousers, bronze pointy-toe boots, silk blouse, earrings from Chico’s. Hat by Menervia.


Here I am introducing Anderson, who seems to be perplexed by my chapeau, bless his heart:


Please excuse the reading glasses — it was dim in there and I currently have eyestrain and they were a necessity. A girl does her best.

Thank you so much to PB pigeon Larry Cotton for taking the photos!

Today I attended a community MLK luncheon at a local yacht club. It was obviously something I wanted to dress nicely for, and I felt I should wear clericals. But again, I did not want to wear a boring blacks suit. So I looked at my options and went with black and blue. Here’s the top half:


That’s a blue Lane Bryant blazer with a bit of sheen to it. The brooch is actually a hair clip, and I’ve got a manicure that is two colors: navy blue (OPI Nave something) and dark purple (by Essie). I put my hair in a French twist, and wore a knee-length black skirt, ash grey sheer pantyhose by Talbot’s (a great choice for navy and/or black) and my Fluevog blue shoes (which got a lot of “oh my god, where did you GET THOSE?? as they always do).


A size 20/22 5’3″ lady doesn’t have a ton of fascinating options with all the vile plus size “fashions” out there, so I do what I can with a limited wardrobe of good pieces that fit well and do the self-expression part with accessories, hair and make-up.

Share your “Beyond the Black Suit” photos! Love to see them!