It Was Products Or Institutionalization, Darlings

Products purchased today:

Aveda Tourmaline Charged Radiance Masque: $27.50
Kiehl’s Lavender Foaming-Relaxing Bath with Sea Salts and Aloe Vera: $14.50
Kiehl’s Mineral Muscle Soak Foaming-Relaxing Bath with Sea Salts and Aloe Vera: $14.50
Luxo Banho Creme Soap Bar: $4.99

Funerals officiated over the past seven days: 2
Days of rain within the past 30 days: 37
Inches of rain today: 4″


This isn’t a post about “Citizen Kane,” it’s a post about a lovely product called Smith’s Rosebud Salve, which comes in the most adorable tin container:


For about $7, you get a tin of yummy-smelling product that works great as a cuticle cream, a lip gloss, an eyeybrow smoother, an emergency hair pomade (put a tiny dab on your palms, rub together, and smooth away those frizzies), and a nose shiner. You don’t think you should shine your nose? Guess what can make you look ten years younger in about five seconds? I always put blush on the tip of my shnoz, and shine it up.

Rosebud doesn’t stink to high heaven so it’s good for boys and girls. I go through two tins per winter ’cause I use it on my elbows and all over my hands at night.

A tip for tired gals: after you apply your powder blush, rub a bit of Rosebud Salve on your cheekbones. It will give your skin a glow like the movie stars have. You can thank me later for all the compliments you’ll get.


Anthropologie makes gorgeous, expensive clothes. I’m not suggesting that you run out and fill your closet with their looks, but I do think you might get some inspiration visiting their website, where they put together outfits for you:

Use your discretion, of course, ladies. But look at all the pages of ensembles to see what sillouettes are in style now, and to borrow and adapt for yourself. To see more of their ideas, click on the “Ensembles” button on their navigation bar.

Maybe you can’t afford a $198 little cotton skirt. But you might have one in your closet already and you can wrap a cardigan around it, belt it, add a big, bright hobo bag (I actually dug one out of my closet that my mother gave me for Christmas in the 1980’s and fashionistas stop me in the street to ask where I got it!), and a pair of dangly earrings and you’re put together. That is, if you have some decent shoes.

Look. Use what’s appropriate for you. Adapt. Dream. Enjoy.

I personally think that if I was tall and slim, these trousers
with a smart navy blazer, a pair of chunky beads and a nice pair of espadrille wedges would be my #1 summer outfit. If I wasn’t such a fat fatty I would invest in several pairs of Anthropologie pants, because I think they’re gorgeous and well cut. Not so much these summer styles but their autumn catalog usually features some wonderful pieces I’d gladly splurge for. That is, if I was three inches taller and 90 lbs. slimmer. For now, I make do with Talbot’s Woman’s occasional spots of fashion sunshine amid their usually uber-preppy boring stuff., My Dears!

Glory in the Morning suggests that we shop for sandals at Target. What a fabulous idea!!

Look what I found on their website for mere pennies:

Now, I don’t think that a thong sandal (anything that splits the toe) has any place in ministry aside from casual office days, but sweet Jesus, this one is cute. But you MUST MUST MUST have smooth heels like a baby and clean polished toes or bare toenails that are clean and perfectly groomed.

I will be purchasing these today, thank you very much. Terribly fashionable and very Betty Grable. I just hope they’re the slightest bit comfortable.

For gals who can stand a heel, these are smashing. So classy, such a great color for every season. For my friend who was wondering what to wear with navy, darling, this is one fantastic option. Keep your accessories rich to go along with the richness of the shoe. Again, no gnarly toes or polish peeping through these, please.

When Colors Don’t Work

Having been appalled at the atrocities in the Newport News online catalog, I tried another purveyor of decent, affordable basics, Chadwick’s.

A bit better, but why do they do this?

They offer a perfectly presentable summer blazer: cut, fine, price, fine. And the bloody thing is only available in the most awful colors imaginable: nasty, cheap yellow, garish blues, eye-bloodying pinks, gag-inducing floral.

A general rule: keep bright colors as accents, not the main focus. If you find a garment you love in a bright color, that’s fine but make sure it’s rich and not chintzy, vibrant and not garish, and that you wear appropriately scaled accessories to stand up to it. No bright pink dresses with little tiny gold chain necklaces and earrings. Rock out some big beads, make it bold on purpose.

Tip: Bright colors on inexpensive fabrics = cheap looking clothes. If you’re a budget shopper, best to stay with neutrals and splurge on a gorgeous, rich colored accents.